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Thursday, November 26


Twitter Archipelago

Back in Twitter Jail, which is the nicest part of Twitter to be perfectly frank.  That's what I get for moderating my language.


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Wednesday, November 11


Where We Are Right Now

The media is claiming that the whistleblower alleging vote fraud in Pennsylvania has recanted after being questioned by investigators.  But apparently he was wearing a wire and the interrogation is the creepiest shit you have ever heard.  (Instapundit)

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Sunday, November 08


Good News For Some

Apparently Parler has just hit two million users with growth rates off the chart.  Things are a bit flaky over there right now, but they're working on it.

Meanwhile my GitLab server has died.  Don't use dynamically-sized virtual disks with VirtualBox, kids.

I'm able to get in and take a full file-level backup, so in theory I can get it back, and in practice everything in there is also in my dev folder.

Update: Holy crap, but GitLab is robust.  That system was hosed, and I expected to spend hours putting it back together and reloading the data.

Nope.  Copy /opt/gitlab and /var/opt/gitlab over to a new Ubuntu instance, add the necessary entries to /etc/passwd and /etc/group, and run gitlab-ctl reconfigure and it scans and fixes everything automatically.

It was so easy that I'm going to do it a second time and move it all over to Ubuntu 20.10 and ZFS.

Update Two: That worked, but I tried to go one step further and update it to the latest version and it didn't like that very much.  So it's back to an old version of GitLab on the latest version of Linux.

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