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What are you going to do?
What I always do - stay out of trouble... Badly.

Sunday, October 23



So yesterday I was down at Phillip Island to see the penguin parade (the penguins are cute but the wind was coming straight from Antarctica - literally) and before the penguins came along there were a whole lot of seagulls about.  Also dead cuttlefish, but they don't feature in this story.

And the night before that I was watching the filthy neo-hippies - the Occupy $location crowd - being rounded up in Melbourne.  And then I realised: The Occupy crowd are seagulls.  The territoriality, the sense of indignant entitlement, that what's theirs is theirs and what's yours is theirs, and the unshakeable belief that the can make a mess anywhere they like with no repercussions  - they're seagulls.

What to do with this information I'm not yet sure, but identifying the problem is a good first step.

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