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Wednesday, June 30


Ace Says

Here's the dirty little secret of conservative blogging, at least as it appears to me: I'm sure the left is convinced we're all plugged in to the GOP and getting our Two Minute Hate of the Day from GOP central, and so on, and etc.

The actual truth is more scandalous. By and large (I can only speak for myself) the GOP itself and GOP candidates don't even bother trying to spin us or feed us something interesting to push.

I got banned from Little Green Footballs - which used to be a pretty good blog - for pointing this out.  The Left of course think that this is how conservative blogs work, because that is how the Left works.

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Thursday, June 24


Well, That's Not Something You See Every Day...

Australia has a new Prime Minister today - Julia Gillard.  No, we haven't had an election (that will happen later this year).  Rather, the Labor Party dumped Kevin Rudd.

And a good thing too - particularly if they can also take the scalp of Senator Conroy in the process.  Between them, former PM Kevin Rudd and Communications Minister Steven Conroy have been delivering Australia the worst government in thirty years.  (Thrity-five to be precise.  And we all know how that ended.)

Hopefully we'll see Senator Conroy replaced with Senator Kate Lundy, who has been an outspoken voice of sanity in the ongoing internet filtering circus.  At least compared to Conroy, who has been consistently disingenuous and bordered on the delusional and defamatory at times.

On the down side, this certainly improves Labor's chances at the next election, which were, under Rudd, approximately zero.  On the up side, I'm not too hot on Liberal leader Tony Abbott either.

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Sunday, June 20


Thank You, Greece

I had an mp4 file I wanted to play on my desktop PC, but my old version of Zoom Player didn't recognise it.  So I downloaded the latest version of Zoom Player, and it promptly committed trialware suicide - it told me my 30 days was up and it didn't want to play no more.

Well, poop.

Okay, I know by now that Zoom Player is a good piece of software, and I'm willing to pay for it, so I go to their web site...  And the cheapest version is AU$55.  Gak.  For that price, I'm inclined to use MPC instead.

Except they have prices in other currencies as well, and a quick check shows that the same version is available for €24.95.  A year ago that was AU$45; now it's AU$35.

So, thanks to Greece, as an Australian I saved nearly 40% off the price of an Israeli product.  Gotta love global finances.

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