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Sunday, September 14


Nobody Likes A Shitferret

Geek website Hypothermia raffled off one of their computers to raise money to pay Briana LaHara's settlement with the RIAA.

All the tickets were sold in five hours.

(via The Inquirer)

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Friday, September 12



I'm having a discussion elsewhere with a gentleman from a European country which I will not name. Here's a snippet - my comments are in plain text, his in italics):
The way I look at it, is this: the concept of democracy has a number of elements which we can use to ascertain the degree of democracy. The GDR was a socalled "peoples democracy" which in our definition was not a democracy.

Yes, this is known as "a lie".

Another interpretation is not necessarily a lie.

This is not "another interpretation". Calling East Germany a democracy is a lie. There's no complication here, it is simply and entirely untrue.

From our point of view it is a lie, not from theirs. Why would our truth be more true than that of others? Because we have proven it to be so because the wall fell?

And here we get to the crux of the problem, the post-modernist fallacy that all points of view are equally valid.

Words have meaning. "Democracy" has a meaning. East Germany was not a democracy. This is a fact. They called it a democracy, therefore they lied. This is also a fact.

In fact, they knew damn well that it wasn't a democracy and the whole thing was a sham from the beginning.

Some people just don't get it.

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Thursday, September 11


September 11

It is September 11 where I am, and likely will be for you by the time you read this. I really can't do the topic justice, so I suggest you all visit Voices at A Small Victory to read people who can.

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Monday, September 08


Slow News Day

So I'll do what all the big news people do... Baby animal pictures!



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Sunday, September 07


What If We Held A Convention

And everyone came?

I think the people responsible for the CounterConvention have a slight problem. Check out this list of groups who have signed on as part of their RNC party-pooping program:

The Committee of Circular Flying Birds
Dwarves for the Responsible Control of Pliers
International Consortium of Those as Drunk as We Are
Glow Rabbit Society
Modern Drunkard Magazine
Society of Poop-Throwing Monkeys
John Dillinger Died for You Society
The Wow, Most People Think We're Idiots Association
Libs Against Basic Web Page Design (their motto: We’re too stupid to understand word wrap)
International Coalition of People Who Just Don't Get It
International Anti-Ismist Anti-Organisation
Bottle o' Pop Action Network
UNIX Users United for IMF Riots
Radical Anarchist Feminazis Against Veganism
Radical Anarchist Veganazis Against Feminism
Organization of People Who Always Show up at Protests
Sedated Gorillas for Masturbation and the Oppression of Iraqis by Devil Bush (We are a society of sedated Gorillas that only want the government to provide us our constitutionally-provided right to the pursuit of happiness, i.e., manual stimulation. And a free bottle of pop. And maybe a taco. It's our right goddamn it.)
Purple Polar Bear Society
Popular Front For the Liberation of This Website (All property is theft, including this website.)
Chocolate Chinchilla Coterie (An organization devoted to pitying the Angry Left while sipping martinis.)
ONOMATOPOEIA NOW! (Bang! Swish! Purr! Buzz!)
National Burping Society
Dead Penguins Society
Twinkies For The Ethical Treatment Of Twinkies
ZIG for Great Justice (Someone set us up the bomb. You are on your way to destruction. )
Australians Against Iowa Cornfields
Judean People's Front
Judean People's Behind
Die, Manatee Die!
Dreadlock Army (Too mellow to march.)
Tigers Are Great (Tigers are cool. Anyone who doesn't want to be a tiger is a fool.)
Organization of Bemused Onlookers
Oh yes, and:
Jimmy Taranto Fan Club (We love Best of the Web! )

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