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Sunday, July 19


Congratulations, Rebecca & Sid

The latest episode of The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe:
This week's topics are:
Live Recording from TAM 7
News Items: Microbot Plummers, Archeological Dig, Sunspots Return, Blogs vs Journalists, Genie Sued
Science or Fiction
Live Questions
Rebecca's Wedding
Yep, live.

(Rebecca's site, skepchick.org, used to be hosted here at munu.)

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Friday, July 17



Our latest project is nearly finished.  Possibly one more track, and some minor tweaking.  Then I'll be taking a break for a couple of weeks (from composing, anyway), before returning with Summer Theologica.

Our previous release was Winter Collection.


Side A - Cities

1. City of Light
2. City of Dreams
3. City of Shadows
4. City of Fire

Side B - Fashionable Nonsense

5. Bioarrhythmia
6. Signs & Portents
7. Unsure Thing

Side C - Life On Hold

8. Waiting Game
9. Empty Rooms
10. Lost Chances

Side D - Nonsensical Fashions

11. Crushed Velvet Underground
12. Deaf Leopardskin
13. Deep Mauve


Disk 2 Side A - Revolutionary Leaflets Everywhere

1. Geosynchronicity
2. Facts & Fallacies
3. Certainty Principle

Disk 2 Side B - Pet Crematorium (in production)

4. Hamster Love


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If anyone's interested in playing a silly online ninja game, Turtle Village needs you!


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Saturday, July 11


Hmm, Maybe

I've been working with The Electric Ant Orchestra* (in between my fighting hackers, spammers, hardware failures, bosses who want every cool new feature in place today**, and random germs*** and their live shows at The Scythe) on a new album, a sort-of prequel to our recent Winter Collection.

Because we came up with a name that was too cool**** not to put something together and get it out there.

It's called SemiAutumnatic.

With any luck, the first section, Cities, should show up here this weekend.  I'm still tinkering with the mixes on two of the tracks, so we'll see how that goes.

* My friends Liz, Harri (never Harriet!) and Su.
** Yes, it's most often actually a cool feature, but today is not always practical.
*** Have come down with some coldy-fluey thing.  Entering the third day, and it's not too horrible so far, so probably just a nasty cold.
**** For... certain values of cool.

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