Dear Santa, thank you for the dolls and pencils and the fish. It's Easter now, so I hope I didn't wake you but... honest, it is an emergency. There's a crack in my wall. Aunt Sharon says it's just an ordinary crack, but I know its not cause at night there's voices so... please please can you send someone to fix it? Or a policeman, or...
Back in a moment.
Thank you Santa.

Thursday, December 29



While I'm posting Youtube videos of stuff I'm slightly too young to remember, I sure remember this:

But I don't think I ever saw this:

[wavy lines]That was such an awesome show.[/wavy lines]

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Wednesday, December 28


Terraria Sale!

If anyone's interested - and has too much time on their hands - Terraria is $2.49 on Steam today, 75% off.

And it's a bargain at full price, if you like exploring and shaping new worlds, so at that price it's a steal.

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Sunday, December 25


The Law Of Conservation Of Stuff

Doesn't apply in Terraria-land.  I rescued the wrench wench (the Mechanic) from captivity and can now start building fancy stuff.  I have a bomb factory (churns out a new bomb every ten seconds, very handy since they cost 5 silver coins each) and I just tried setting up a little fountain outside Pixy Base.

And turned it off before it flooded my house: More water comes out the outlet pump than goes in the inlet pump.

I can think of some interesting uses for that...

I tunnel my way up into my first floating island, cunningly avoiding the circling harpies...

Tonight we mine in Hell!

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Full Purples And Sharked Up

I've been playing Terraria again.

Today I've managed to knock off the first two bosses (the Eye of Cthulhu and the Eater of Worlds), score a full set of Demonite items (sword, axe, hammer, pickaxe, bow, helmet, armour, greaves), and have enough ore left over from my mining expedition to afford a Minishark ("Half shark, half gun, completely awesome.")

Skeletron awaits.

For those who haven't played it, Terraria is what Nethack would be if it were reimagined as a 2D platformer around 1992.*  I haven't yet got to the neat parts where you can build mechanical widgets like the obsidian generator or the goldfish dispenser: I have to rescue the game's wrench wench from the Dungeon where Skeletron stands guard, and pre-shark, I got splatted fairly quickly.

Update: Twenty minutes later, Skeletron is no more.  What a difference full-auto makes!  Particularly if you're upgrading from an axe...

* Though it would have been rather impractical the way it's actually implemented - with a large world, the game uses around 600MB of RAM, which would have cost something like $20,000 at that time.

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Saturday, December 10


It's Another Language

NooooOoOo 12/9 (Fri - 8:25): Did you DG summon the AgentBrand? Because when he said last drop, he also said badger, so I was kinda thinking he meant the Frozen Rose. He also said it after the last Zenovia went down too...
Mappy 12/9 (Fri - 8:50): Anyone with The Beast, remember to get your Fresh Fruit today.
Cactusshin 12/9 (Fri - 9:09): No--it's just a freak coincidence. Once my WKai goes down, I plan on summoning Jasticus, Fayt, and Zenovia for my own ultra badger.

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Friday, December 02


Turtles Turtles Turtles

You know you want to.

P.S. Turtles!

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