A cricket bat!
Twelve years, and four psychiatrists!
I kept biting them!
They said you weren't real.

Saturday, February 24


Productivity Threatened

Picked up my copy of Final Fantasy XII today.*

I have sworn to finish the file management module before I unwrap it.


* It was released here in Oz yesterday - four months after its US release, and nearly a year after its release in Japan.

That's the one thing I really don't like about the console game market. PC games reach Australia either at the same time as the US release, or at worst within a couple of days. Console games can take six months or more. This is extra annoying with the Xbox 360, which is HD and therefore not limited by regional video standards - so Microsoft made their own, entirely arbitrary, regional fuckupification.

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Saturday, February 10


The Future Is Last Week

A selection of headlines:

The brain scanner that can read people's intentions
Mice cured of autism
Wizardry at Harvard: Physicists move light
Quantum computer to debut next week
Engine on a chip - the dream of the personal turbine
Ocean planets on the brink of detection

Still no flying cars.

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