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Everything's going to be fine.

Sunday, January 31



Ho hum, yet another game download service.  I already have Steam for the new stuff, GOG for the old stuff, and Impulse for the sprawling intergalactic battlefleet stuff.

Waitaminute.  They have A-Train 8!

But it's $30!

But it's A-Train 8!

But it's yet another download service I need to sign up on!

But it's A-Train 8!

But A-Train 9 is due out in a couple of weeks - in Japan anyway - and it looks freakin' awesome(Bandwidth warning!  Link takes you to a page full of 4-megapixel images of really cool toy cities!)

But it's A-Train...  You know, that does look pretty amazing.

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The Onion

Visionaries, or just stating the bleedin' obvious?

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Saturday, January 23


More Pudding

Lots more pudding.

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Sunday, January 17


Laugh While You Can, Monkey-Boy!

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Saturday, January 02



Today's offers on Steam: Mass Effect for $5 (excellent game, though it suffers from the usual Bioware Empty Universe Syndrome), and all 11 games in the recent Sam and Max series for $15.

I don't really need another copy of Mass Effect, but I'd been thinking of picking up the Sam and Max games, so I did.

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Friday, January 01


And Again

I'm spending way too much money on Steam this holiday season, but since I didn't buy myself anything else for Christmas (apart from some triple-cream King Island Brie, and that was on special...  oh, and Ponyo, but that's a medical expense* and was also on special), and since the total amount is equal to maybe three new-release games at retail price, it's not a real problem.

Though I have now messed up four times and bought a game and then followed up by buying a pack that includes that game.  Which has cost me, let's see, $16.50.  (Actually one of those was buying a pack that was included in a larger pack...)

But then, to pick one example, for the cost of one new release game (US$75, where a new game typically costs A$80-100), I'm getting 9 games and expansion packs that I actually want, and a further 10 that could be interesting and generally received good reviews.  The most expensive single game so far has cost me $13.59; the cheapest $1.99.  (Well, $1.49, but that was one of the ones I ended up buying twice.)

When I will actually find time to play any of these is a different matter; I hardly have time right now for Bubble Tanks Tower Defense or Billy vs. Snakeman.  But I now have tactical and/or strategic wargames covering every epoch from ancient Greece and Rome through Medieval, Renaissance and Enlightenment Europe to WWII and WWIII (had the Cold War run hot), plus a whole slew of real-time and turn-based fantasy and science-fiction wargames, for a near limitless supply of virtual baddies to virtually dissassemble.**

No Crusades or Mongol Hordes, and no Civil War or WWI, though they seem to be the only major gaps post-Bronze-Age.

Mostly RTS or tactical, but also a scattering of RPG, a couple of FPS, and a selection of indie/casual games.

Now I just need to download them all.  Never mind playing them, it's going to take a week just to download them.

Update: Added them all up.  237GB.

* Ghibli films are cheap, keep me sane, and have few harmful side-effects. I really should be able to claim them on my insurance...

** What was the last major wargame I played?  C&C Generals maybe?  In that game you could play as America, China, or as the filthy terrorists.  I played mostly as America, occasionally as China.  I don't really see much appeal in playing as the terrorists, or as Nazi Germany, as at least three of my new purchases allow.  I want to squish the bad guys.

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