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Wednesday, September 08


It's Monkeys All The Way Down

Via the inimitable Ghost of a Flea, we bring you The Monkeysphere!

Picture a monkey. A monkey dressed like a little pirate, if you wish. We'll call him Slappy.

Imagine you have Slappy as a pet. Imagine a personality for him. Maybe you and he have little pirate monkey adventures and maybe even join up to fight crime. You'd be sad if Slappy died, wouldn't you?

Now, imagine you get five more monkeys. Tito, Bubbles, Fluffy, Marcel and ShitTosser. Imagine personalities for each of them. Maybe one is aggressive, one is affectionate, one is distant and quiet. And so on. They're all your personal monkey friends.

Now imagine a hundred monkeys. Then a thousand.

Yes, it's Frank's own personal hell. It's also insightful and funny and disses the French, all in one monkeyful bundle. Read!

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