It was a bad day. A lot of bad stuff happened. And I'd love to forget it all. But I don't. Not ever. Because this is what I do. Every time, every day, every second, this: On five, we're bringing down the government.

Friday, September 29



Got my 4GB memory card. Although Canon doesn't list the Ixus 800 as supporting SDHC (which is required for SD cards larger than 2GB), Sandisk does, and I found a couple of people reporting that their cameras worked just fine with 4GB cards.

And so does mine.

Over 1400 photos at maximum resolution and image quality (well, that's JPEGs, not raws).

Now I just need to find something to take a photo of...

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Tuesday, September 26


Happy Pixy Day

My copies of Macromedia Studio, Eye Candy 5000 (the complete bundle), Acid Music and Sound Forge have arrived. Vegas Video and Paint Shop Pro XI are due later this week.

And I've ordered a 4GB card for my camera, a 320GB disk for my PC, and a 16X DVD burner to replace my old CD burner - which has gotten stuck with my Neverwinter Nights CD inside. sad

I start working from home on Secret Project M from the 5th of October.

Oh, and while I was at it, I upgraded my ADSL plan:

You have 58628.37 MB quota, and 59601.46 MB offpeak quota remaining until shaped at 64k
Now, nothing can stand in my way. Bwahahahaha!

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In Camera

I ended up getting the Ixus 800 IS, the same model as TJ at Riuva. Based on both specs and sample photos it appears to be better than my ancient Sony S85 in every way. Despite having a smaller sensor (1/2.5" vs 1/1.8") and of course a smaller lens, the sample photos from the Ixus have more detail and less noise.

More pixels, wider zoom range, much faster, much more storage (4GB vs. 128MB, same price for the respective cards), optical image stabilisation, much smaller and lighter, bigger screen (twice the screen area on a camera half the size), one-third the price. And the Sony is not a bad camera - apart from the slow auto-focus and some shutter lag, and the limitations of Memory Stick - it does take very nice photos. It's just that five years has made it completely obsolete.

One little thing: The two cameras, bought five years apart, both came with 16MB memory cards.

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Friday, September 22


She Turned Me Into A Monkey!

If you're not listening to Penn Radio every day - or at least, every Tuesday - you are really missing out.

I was laughing so hard this morning that the guy next to me on the train actually got up and moved.

Well, at least I assume it's because I was laughing.

P.S. Back episodes available for download here.

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Wednesday, September 13


Science Forges Ahead

One slime at a time:
A bright yellow slime mould that can grow to several metres in diameter has been put in charge of a scrabbling, six-legged robot.

What's for lunch?

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