You know when grown-ups tell you everything's going to be fine, and you think they're probably lying to make you feel better?
Everything's going to be fine.

Monday, April 05


Beedle Beedle Bee

Currently transferring 34 million files across to the new server.

This make take a few minutes.

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Saturday, April 03


Button Pushed!

I've placed the order for the first of two (and eventually three) new servers.

Geek porn:
Dual Xeon 5670 - 12 x 2.93GHz cores
RAID Controller (Adaptec 5805)
3 x 2TB drives (RAID-5)
3 x 32GB SSD (RAID-5)
Gigabit network
CentOS 5
That's 66% 94%* faster than our current main server; the other main change is that instead of a single SSD we have a RAID-5 array.  Normally you'd avoid RAID-5 for databases, but with 28,000 IOPS from a single device, it doesn't really matter any more (unless, like at my day job, you are doing over a thousands transactions per second).  Since I set up our current server I've seen a few of those drives spontaneously implode, so this makes me a lot happier.  Also gives us better performance and more space, of course; we've used up about half of our current SSD and some things I'm doing now will use about half the remaining space, so we'll need it.

Next up is the 100TB caching server.

Update: Bonus!  Apparently they were short of the 5650's, because when the server was built I got a pair of 5670's, which are even more faster.  So overall it's nearly twice as fast as our current system - 12 x 2.93GHz CPUs (3.33GHz turbo) vs. 8 x 2.26GHz CPUs (2.4GHz turbo).

Udapte: Bonus two: For 24GB RAM, instead of installing 12 x 2GB modules like last time, they installed 6 x 4GB.  That allows the RAM to run faster, and leaves me with 12 slots free for expansion.  This server can go as high as 144GB with 8GB modules, though that gets kind of expensive...

* The weird number is because the clock speeds run in increments of 133MHz.  The 2.26GHz chips are 17 x 133MHz, the 2.93GHz chips are 22 x 133MHz.  Add 50% for the extra two cores per chip, and the performance ratio is 33/17 - almost but not quite double.

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Friday, April 02


The Plan, De Arimasu

Every and site will get two subdomains: and

cdn.mysite will point to our global Content Delivery Network* for fast loading of user-interface elements like icons, buttons, stylesheets and JavaScript.

cache.mysite will point to our high-volume cache server in Dallas, where we will be able to sustain over 300Mbit/sec of downloads.

I'll be setting things up so that specific BBCode tags will automatically use the CDN or cache networks as appropriate, so if you use the [video], [flash], or [file] tags, it will hit the cache without you having to do anything more.

I was trying to configure things so that we could deliver entire sites through the cache server, but that doesn't seem practical for now.

* 21 POPs in 8 countries: Amsterdam, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Hong Kong, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Jose, Sydney, Seattle, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto, Washington.

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