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Friday, May 18


Glitch In The Matrix

Sorry, the backup script froze the database for a few minutes.  It's not supposed to do that, but it did.

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Saturday, May 05


Zoom Zoom

2000 users registered in 21.079s, avg 10.5ms
20000 friends added in 19.551s, avg 1.0ms
20000 idiots muted in 15.948s, avg 0.8ms
2000 lists added in 3.497s, avg 1.7ms
20000 members added to 2000 lists in 54.352s, avg 2.7ms
2000 channels added in 4.420s, avg 2.2ms
2000 mixes added in 9.542s, avg 4.8ms
2000 messages posted in 15.774s, avg 7.9ms
2000 stacks added in 3.227s, avg 1.6ms
20000 slots added to 2000 stacks in 63.906s, avg 3.2ms
[more messages posted...]
39867 messages viewed in 2000 requests in 17.310s, avg request 8.7ms 49595 bytes 5873 bytes gz


Doing some refactoring, and running the test suite repeatedly to check that nothing has blown up.  (Which it did earlier this evening.)  Performance is on a single-core Vultr VPS with 2GB RAM.  Production is a 6-core/12-thread Xeon 2620 v2 with 64GB RAM, so throughput will be quite a bit faster.

That's without any caching, too.

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Friday, May 04


The Return Of The Database

Sorry, got impatient while doing the changes and pushed the server too hard broke things.  Only broke them a little bit, but once it's broken at all it takes 45 minutes to check the indexes and bring the database back online.

There's something not quite right with the storage on these KVM servers I'm using.  I'm probably going to switch back to bare metal servers for the databases.  VPSes are fine for apps and files, but databases need consistency.

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Thursday, May 03


The Return Of Recent Comments And Search Thingy

Um, they're back.

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Pest Toast

Poast poast poast...

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Tuesday, May 01


New Toy: Arale

It's a Xeon E5-2620 v2 with 64GB of RAM and a RAID-6 array of SSDs.

It's very cheap because it's a 2013 system - not quite 5 years old - and they're small SSDs.  But it will do nicely to replace a couple of our other servers that are running with single SSDs.

It will be the main server for the new platform.  I was worried until the weekend that I'd need more CPU power than that, but the 5x performance gains I got from two days of intense optimisation mean that this little server will run like the wind.  In Kansas.  In May.

The 64GB RAM is nice too; the other server I got recently only has 16GB, which is adequate but not spacious.  I had been considering Digital Ocean because of the ease of use, but it would cost nearly 5x as much if I wanted that much RAM in one place.


And I have that stupid boot loader problem with this one too.  Digital Ocean does not suffer from boot loader problems.

Update: Well, that was weird.  Five-year-old hardware but a two-year-old operating system won't boot.  But a week-old operating system does.

Well, Ubuntu 18.04 here we go, I guess.  While fiddling around I turned it into a RAID-1 for boot and a RAID-5 for storage.  I'll probably keep that.


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