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Wednesday, January 31


Daily News Stuff 31 January 2024

Faily News Stuff Edition

Top Story

  • Good news: ChatGPT is not leaking private chat content between users.

    Bad news: Your account got hacked.  (Ars Technica)

    ChatGPT has no option for two-factor authentication.

    But if you're sharing confidential information with a chat bot you're an idiot in the first place.

Tech News

Disclaimer: Bling bang bang.  Bling bang bang born.

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Tuesday, January 30


Daily News Stuff 30 January 2024

Subuwu Edition

Top Story

  • AMD's new Ryzen 8700G and 8600G are here.  (AnandTech)

    They provide pretty good CPU performance with pretty good integrated graphics.

    The 8700G in particular can provide 49 fps in Baldur's Gate 3 at 1080p low settings, where Intel's 14700K manages just 13.

    A cheaper CPU with a low-end graphics card will do much better for games, and you can get a 7900X for $399 which will do much better for productivity.

    But if you want something mostly for work that can also run games like Minecraft or Palworld (cough) it might do fine, and the graphics card market sucks right now.

    The 8600G and 8700G only have 20 lanes of PCIe 4 instead of 28 lanes of PCIe 5 on the mainstream Ryzen desktop chips, but that's still fine unless you want to run something like Asus's NVMe RAID card, which just won't work with this chip.

    The 8500G cuts that to 14 lanes of PCIe 4, though, which just isn't enough.

Tech News

Disclaimer: Not.

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Monday, January 29


Daily News Stuff 29 January 2024

Jeepers Edition

Top Story

  • Good news, everyone: Japan's Moon lander is working.  (The Guardian)

    It landed more or less safely, but with the solar panels facing the wrong way, so it only had battery power.  (Since there's no atmosphere on the Moon, solar cells that aren't in direct sunlight produce no power at all.)

    Mission control shut it down, in the hope that after a few days the angle of the Sun would shift enough to reach the solar panels.

    It did.

Tech News

Disclaimer: Along the Queen's great highway
I drive my merry load
At twenty miles per hour
In the middle of the road
We like to drive in convoys
We're most gregarious
The big six-wheeler, scarlet-painted,
London Transport, diesel-engined,
Ninety-seven horsepower omnibus.

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Sunday, January 28


Daily News Stuff 28 January 2024

Forty Mules To The Galleon Edition

Top Story

  • Is your Apple II or Commodore PET just not delivering the joy it once did?  Enter the 65F02.  (e-basteln)

    This is a 100MHz drop-in replacement for the original 1MHz chip.

    Of course that wouldn't do much good with the original 1MHz RAM still in place, so it has 64k of 100MHz RAM on board as well.

    It automatically maps out the memory and I/O addresses of your computer so that devices like floppy drives and video still work, while everything else runs at full speed.

Tech News

Disclaimer: I wonder if the 65F02 could be updated to work in a Commander X16?

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Saturday, January 27


Daily News Stuff 27 January 2024

Chainsaws And Roundabouts Edition

Top Story

Tech News

  • So why would anyone use Apple in the first place?

    Microsoft accidentally granted global admin privileges to a random legacy test account.  (Ars Technica)

    Which then got hacked by Russia.

    Granting the hackers read access to every Office 365 account in the world.

    From the comments at Ars Technica:
    To summarize the fuckups:

    • Created test tenant with access to prod data
    • Created test account with weak password
    • Made test account accessible from internet
    • Never enabled 2FA on test account
    • Gave test account admin role
    • Did not monitor for slow password sprays (a known technique)
    • Failed to disable test account at end of testing
    • Failed to monitor for unused/test accounts in production environment
    • Did not monitor executives' accounts for surreptitious access
    • Did not monitor internal test account (that apparently hadn't been accessed in years) for "unusual login activity"

    Did I miss anything? By my count, that's ten fuckups.  It's kind of impressive!

    Genuinely useful comments at Ars Technica?  What is the world coming to?

  • California lawmakers are pushing for a blatantly unconstitutional watermark requirement for AI-generated images.  (Bloomberg)

    The obvious illegality of such a requirement is of course no hindrance to the California state legislature.

  • AMD's Zen 5 desktop CPUs could be arriving as early as Q2 this year, rather than the more usual Q4.  (Hot Hardware)

    We've seen leaks that the chips are already on the production line at TSMC, so given lead times of five to six months for current-generation chips, this makes sense.

    The real action though is with the new laptop chips, and those aren't expected until the end of the year, with the Strix Point Halo - 16 CPU cores and PlayStation 5 level graphics - pushed back to next year.

  • Tech layoffs are back, baby!  (Tech Crunch)

    Much as I enjoy shitting on the idiocy of the tech press, this is at least the second time that Tech Crunch has mocked itself for its September article proclaiming that tech layoffs were "almost a thing of the past".

    Good for them.

Disclaimer: This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and keep paying 30% of every dollar you ever earn. You take the red pill - you pay 60%, maybe more, and I show you how deep the shithole goes. Remember, all I'm offering is fuck you.

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Friday, January 26


Daily News Stuff 26 January 2024

Australia Dayn't Edition

Top Story

Tech News

Disclaimer: Oh, those rules.

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Thursday, January 25


Daily News Stuff 25 January 2024

Redo From Start Edition

Top Story

Tech News


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Wednesday, January 24


Daily News Stuff 24 January 2023

Could We Not Edition

Top Story

Tech News

Disclaimer: And it's purple.

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Tuesday, January 23


Daily News Stuff 23 January 2024

Canonised Edition

Top Story

  • Don't buy HP printers: They're hopelessly insecure piles of garbage, says...  HP's CEO?  (Ars Technica)

    He was trying to argue that if you buy third-party ink cartridges they could contain a virus that could take over your entire network, but you'd have to have delegated your design efforts to middle-schoolers in Myanmar to fuck up that badly.

    Or use Node.js.  That would do it too.

    He's lying.  Or at least, I really hope he's lying, because I'm using an HP laptop right now and I don't want it turn burn my house down.

Tech News

  • Palworld is a hit, and it's easy to see why.  (The Verge)

    In which the article is relatively sane and the comments are a mud-wrestling match of crazy people, none of them weighing less than three hundred pounds.

    The argument going on in the article is that one of the 3D models used in the game has very similar proportions to one of the 3D models used in one Pokemon game...  Because they're both fucking wolves.

    The argument going on in the comments is that Palworld is nothing but a direct ripoff of another game...  Though nobody can agree which other game.

  • Oh, and it's now sold 6 million copies with a peak of 1.5 million simultaneous players.

  • Meanwhile Apple may have sold 180,000 units of its Vision Pro high-gloss e-waste device.  (Engadget)

    Which is and isn't a lot.  At a minimum price of $3499 that's a lot of idiots who just set their money on fire.  On the other hand, with an estimated 1.2 billion users worldwide, just 0.015% of Apple's customers have shown an interest in the Vision Pro.

    I don't think VR goggles are pointless, but consumer-grade VR goggles at $3499 a pop definitely are.

  • A hacker has cloned a Game Boy Advance game by crashing the console at just the right time.  (Engadget)

    So that instead of playing a single sound from the game's ROM cartridge, it played the entire contents of the 16MB ROM cartridge over the speaker.  So all he had to do was record it, spend a couple of days cleaning up the recording, and then more time debugging the issues with the resulting code, and then it booted, albeit with bugs.

    Of course, you can also just read the ROM cartridge over a parallel interface in about four seconds, but where's the fun in that.

  • Terraform Labs has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  (Tech Crunch)

    At first I thought this was Terraform the Docker management thing, but that's owned by HashiCorp.  There is no corporation named "Terraform" associated with the product "Terraform".

    No, this is the Terraform associated with the Terra "stablecoin", which imploded in 2022 and took the company's market cap from $40 billion to zero inside of a week.

    I'm surprised they still exist.  Their former CEO is in jail in Montenegro after fleeing the country, awaiting extradition back to the US.

Disclaimer: Never argue with a man who sells ink by the microliter.

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Monday, January 22


Daily News Stuff 22 January 2023

What The Hecky Edition

Top Story

  • What the heck is Broadcom doing with VMWare?  (MSN)

    After Broadcom - which makes small boring chips in huge volumes - acquired VMWare for $69 billion, it laid off hundreds of staff, cancelled perpetual license in favour of subscriptions, and removed almost all product offerings.


    As the article explains, it's because Broadcom only wants 600 customers for any of their business units.  If you're not in the top 600 for that market, you simply don't exist, and your needs are irrelevant.

    The company made $14 billion in profit last year so this approach seems to be working for them.

    But if you're the 601st company on their list and reliant on VMWare, you're paying a lot of attention to competitors' products right now.

Tech News

Disclaimer: Rhymes with binternal bombustion bengine.

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