This accidentally fell out of her pocket when I bumped into her. Took me four goes.

Sunday, July 24


My Name Is Pixy And I Dance The Dance Of High-Speed Internet Access

Happy days are here again,
The sky is (checks outside) bright and clear again,
I've got ADSL again
Throw that modem in the bin!

P.S. Ten pengos to anyone who can place the reference in the title.

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Thursday, July 07


Cool Toy Of The Day

Is the Gigabyte 8I945GMF:

Okay, so it's a micro-ATX motherboard. Things are a dime a dozen.

Okay so it supports 4 channels of SATA II. And 4GB of DDR2 memory (533 or 667 MHz, your choice). And has gigabit ethernet built in. And video. What's so special?

Here's what's so special: It also supports the new Pentium D. Dual core, up to 3.2GHz, in a micro-ATX case. (Well, I'd limit myself to the 2.8GHz if I didn't want things to melt.)

If you happen to be in the market for a small but powerful web server - on a budget* - this is it.

Now, where is that ram disk on a card, Gigabyte peeps?

* Which I am, for obvious reasons.

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Saturday, July 02


Cool Toy Of The Day

Is the Palm LifeDrive. It's a Palm Pilot with a 4GB disk drive stuck in it.

I sort of want one, but I already have a T3, so I'm waiting for a higher resolution screen, more memory, and a faster processor. The 416MHz Xscale is fine for most tasks, but falls flat when it comes to displaying video. Apparently the LifeDrive is better at this than the T3, but the T3 is complete crap for video, so that's not necessarily much of a recommendation.

On the other hand, 4GB! On the third hand, disk drive. Just what I need, more rapidly spinning mechanical components in pocket devices. I have a 1GB SD card in my T3; 2GB cards are available though not, as far as I can see, in Australia, so while 4GB is cool, it's not that cool.

On the fourth hand, I've been listening to the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy again recently, and it struck me that with something like the LifeDrive, you could, well, do that.

I still want at least a 480x640 screen, though.

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