What is that?
It's a duck pond.
Why aren't there any ducks?
I don't know. There's never any ducks.
Then how do you know it's a duck pond?

Sunday, July 31



I sank over a hundred hours into Terraria back when it was fairly new, before it died its untimely death and then undied again.

Now that Starbound is out (and honestly kind of meh) I was curious as to what was up with Terraria these days.  Here's part of the changelog for the recent release of version 1.3.1:
  • Added Logic Gates (AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, NXOR)
  • Added Logic Gate Lamps (On, Off, Faulty)
  • Added Logic Sensors (Day, Night, Under Player)
  • Added Liquid Sensors (Water, Lava, Honey, Any)
  • Added Conveyor Belts.
  • Added The Grand Design.
  • Added Yellow Wrench.
  • Added Junction Box.
  • Added Mechanical Lens.
  • Added Announcement Box.
  • Added Actuation Rod.
  • Added Team Blocks and Platforms.
  • Added Static Hook.
  • Added Presserator.
  • Added Engineering Helmet.
  • Added Companion Cube.
  • Added Gem Locks.
  • Added Large Amber.
  • Added Weighted Pressure Plates (4 colors).
  • Added Wire Bulb.
  • Added 12 new craftable Critter Statues.
  • Added Portal Gun Station.
  • Added Trapped Chests.
  • Added Projectile Pressure Pad.
  • Added several new monster statues.
  • Added Angler Tackle Bag.
  • Added Geyser Trap.
  • Added Bone Campfire.
  • Added Ultra Bright Campfire.
  • Added Multicolor Wrench.
Might need to fire it up again...

Update: Starbound gets better.  In Terraria, you spend most of your time on a single world, defending it from various menaces.  In Starbound, things don't really get into gear until you get off your starting planet.  Unlike Terraria, where you have to build (or rebuild) everything yourself, there's a functioning civilisation in Starbound.  You just need to find it.

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Monday, July 25



One of the most striking things about new Doctor Who is how often the companions die.  In the old series, the only long-standing companion to die was Adric, though the First Doctor story The Daleks' Master Plan killed off short-timers Katarina and Sara Kingdom.

But they only died once each.

Amy Pond died in The Pandorica Opens; young Amelia died in The Big Bang; fake Amy was disintegrated in The Almost People; older Amy died and had her timeline erased in The Girl Who Waited, and finally, real Amy died not once but twice in The Angels Take Manhattan.

River Song died in Forest of the Dead, as a child in Day of the Moon, and as Melody in Let's Kill Hitler.

Rory died in Amy's Choice, died again and was erased from existence in Cold Blood, drowned in The Curse of the Black Spot, and died no less than three times in The Angels Take Manhattan.

And Clara died in Asylum of the Daleks, again in The Snowmen, again in Journey to the Center of the TARDIS, again in Last Christmas, again in Face the Raven, and from the glimpses we were given, at least sixteen other times in TV-series canon alone, before eventually swanning off with Ashildr, who is also dead.

Of course, this is because where the original series used time travel mostly as a plot hook upon which to hang the story of the week, New Who often involves time travel as a plot device, with every kind of time loop, divergent timeline, parallel universe, and temporal paradox cropping up at some point.

But maybe the next companion could just, you know, leave?

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Thursday, July 21


There Be Dragons

Dragon Age: Origins* is 60% off.

That's the full game, with all DLC and expansions, completely DRM-free, for just a few dollars.  Highly recommended if you like fantasy role-playing games even a little.

* The one that doesn't suck.

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