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Thursday, August 30


Ceci N'est Pas Une Post

Testing, testing...

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Wednesday, August 29


Phase Of The Moon Bug

The problem with my Western Digital drive turns out to be heat sensitive: It acts up when it gets cold.  Because when it gets cold, my heating kicks in (actually a reverse-cycle air conditioner) and the voltage dips for a moment.  The baby power supply that came with the drive doesn't have enough smoothing to cope with that, and the drive goes bye-bye.  The weather has warmed up over the last week or so, and I've stopped having problems.

Of course, in a couple of months I'm going to want to run the air conditioning the other way, so before then I'm going to invest in a small UPS.

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Saturday, August 25


Not The Way To Do It

Ubuntu Studio is a new Linux distro, based on Ubuntu and packaged with a whole suite of audio and video editing applications.  This is great, because while some of these applications are very powerful, they are also a huge pain in the arse to install.

What's not so great is that their web site has been down for the past two weeks, and possibly longer.

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Wrapping Up

Tick - autocrop function works.  (This does some reasonably intelligent scaling and cropping of the source image for your banners and footers, rather than just stretching them to fit.)

Tick - new image macro form.  (Banners, footers, lolcats, motivators, and simple captions currently.)

Just a few more boxes to tick off and I can get this whole huge bundle of stuff out the door.  Look for it very soon.

Tick - applets work.  You can create an applet and share it with other meenuvians.

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Friday, August 24


Code Speaks

I think this line is hungry:


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Thursday, August 23


Got You, You Bastard

CSS remains as retarded as ever, but I've managed to more-or-less defeat it.

The new layouts will break under certain specific circumstances:
  • You are using a footer, and
    • You are doing custom DOM manipulation with Javascript (and fail to call the provided function to update the layout) or
    • You modify the CSS to be variable rather than fixed width and the user resizes the browser window.  (I can fix this one.)
Also, if you are using a layout with two-column content, the second content column must come after the first one in your template.  Sidebars can be generated before, after, or between the content, but content columns must be in the order they are to be shown, left-to-right.

Apart from that, I think they work pretty well.  I'll have to test them some more and maybe add a couple of event handlers; I'll post the results tonight so you can see them.

I'm not going to make tomorrow's meeting now, since I still have to install the whole thing and parameterise the CSS, but there are no more roadblocks.  There can't possibly be; there's no more road.

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Remember this?


Well, now it has a twin.


This is the GA-G33M-S2H.  It uses Intel's G33 chipset for socket 775 CPUs (i.e. Core 2 Duo).  It has much the same featureset as the socket AM2 GA-MA69GM-S2H: Up to 8GB of memory, four SATA 3Gb/s drives (including one eSATA port), 2 IDE drives, gigabit ethernet, twelve USB 2.0 ports and three Firewire ports; 7.1+2 sound and optical and coax S/PDIF in and out (with optional bracket); VGA, DVI-D and HDMI video outputs (though you can only run one digital and one analog output simultaneously); PCIe x16 and x1 slots and two PCI slots.  And serial, parallel, floppy, keyboard and mouse, though you need to get optional brackets for the serial and parallel ports.

So now I'm looking at getting one each AMD and Intel; one for Windows and one for Linux, as I did back in 2003.  But spending far less money for far faster systems.

The only problem is the shortage of SATA ports on these boards.  I thought I'd found a cheap 2+2 port SATA/eSATA PCIe card, which would have solved that problem nicely.  Turns out its more of a 2-2 card; it's really just a 2-port card with external sockets wired in parallel with the internal ones.  Bleh.  I can get a proper 2+2 card; HighPoint make them.  But they cost twice as much as the motherboard itself, more even than this beastie:


Which has ten, count them, ten SATA ports (9 internal and one external).  And two full PCIe x16 slots, and two PCI-X slots, and two PCIe x1 slots, and a PCI slot, and dual gigabit ethernet, and 10 USB, 2 Firewire, etc etc.  It doesn't have built-in video, but this board plus a 512MB 8500GT is actually cheaper than the all-in-one board plus the HighPoint SATA card.

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That Western Digital drive I bought that was playing up when connected to my desktop PC?  I plugged it into my notebook.  Doesn't work properly there either.

It runs fine for (some period), and then just decides to quietly go offline. 


Update: I wonder if it's the power supply?  Remember Pixy's Law of Random Breakage: A flaky power supply can look like any other fault.

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After some discussion last week, I held off on deploying the theme builder (that is, the style/layout/banner wizard) until I'd implemented the full initial set of features. That's finally nearly done:

More tomorrow.

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Wednesday, August 22


The Only Thing I Have To Say At This Point In Time Is

[def colorpicker]
<script language="Javascript">
  var o_{1}_{2}color = new IColorPicker("o_{1}_{2}color");
  o_{1}_{2}color.onPickColor = new Function("document.getElementById('{1}_{2}color').style.backgroundColor=o_{1}_{2}color.color;document.getElementById('{3}').value=o_{1}_{2}color.color;");

<input type="hidden" id="{3}" name="{3}" />

<span id="{1}_{2}color"
 style="border:black 1px solid; background-color:[altstyle2.{3}];">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>

<input type="button" value="Choose"
 id="{1}_{2}colorbutton" name="{1}_{2}colorbutton" />


Nested template functions with embedded Javascript inside a table inside a form.  Eww.

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