Tuesday, May 22


That's Cheating!

In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, there are a number of scenes of characters facing their own doppelgangers - Willow and her alternate-universe vampire self, for example - but the one that really stood out on technical grounds was the two Xanders when his personality got split in two.  While the two versions are kept apart for most of the episode, by the end they are interacting directly and seamlessly, simultaneously with each other and with the rest of the cast.

Which would be an even more remarkable achievement if actor Nicholas Brendon didn't have an identical twin.

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Friday, May 18



So, Diablo III is out, and people bought it despite the fact that the always-online-DRM-crap obviously wouldn't work, and it doesn't work.

Ha ha!

Me, I'm waiting for Torchlight II, which isn't out yet, but won't be completely crapped up either.  And runs one third the price.

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