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Saturday, July 11


Planned Poopages

We're going to be having three short outages over the next week as I repair the damage from last week's drive crash.

First one is early Sunday morning, around 1AM Central time, to add a new RAID-1 array.  About ten minutes, all users.

Second one will vary; I need to migrate all the OpenVZ containers to the new array, so that will happen on a per-container basis.  Expect about five minutes downtime at some point late at night for your site, wherever it might be in the system.

Third one will be to replace the faulty drive and then wipe and rebuild the corrupted RAID volume.  About ten minutes for all users again.

RAID is NOT supposed to do this, but since when have computers ever done what they're supposed to do?

Update: Poopage #1 completed successfully!  That was the only one that had any chance of causing problems, so that's a good thing.

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Saturday, July 04


Progress, Though Not In Any Direction I'd Planned

Actually, this is something I'd wanted to do, just not under these circumstances.

I have a 1TB drive in Mikan, and both servers have gigabit network ports (Akane was supposed to already, but didn't, and that's what ended up causing the second outage), so I can start doing regular full rsync backups.  Of everything.

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