A cricket bat!
Twelve years, and four psychiatrists!
I kept biting them!
They said you weren't real.

Friday, June 03



And about bleeding time too. I've been waiting for someone to do this for years. Its so bloody obvious, but the few attempts that have appeared on the market have been absurdly - almost criminally - overpriced.





It's a battery-backed RAM disk on a PCI card. The actual interface is SATA, so it works as a standard disk drive without any drivers; the PCI slot just provides the power. The battery is good for about 16 hours, which should cover most power failures, and it looks like it would be easy enough to plug in something beefier if you needed it.

Best part? Well, two best parts. Three.

One, it doesn't come with any memory. In previous cases (the unlamented Platypus Technology cards, for example) you had to buy the card with memory already installed, at a 300% markup, and you couldn't upgrade it later.

Two, it uses ordinary DDR RAM, which is cheap as a very cheap thing at the moment.

Three, $50.

I want at least three of these puppies. And another three for work.

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Thursday, June 02


Encroaching Shininess

I've put in the forms to switch over to my new ISP, iiNet, so sometime next week I will be reduced to using dialup for a couple of days. sad

Following that, though, I will be running at a zippy up to 8Mbps! That's more than five times what I get at the moment.

But I will have to somehow survive on just 80GB of downloads per month. That's only, what, 200 hours of anime?

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