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Sunday, November 28


Found You, You Rat Bastards!

Ever since I rebuilt my Windows box, back in... whenever it was, I've been looking for my old Sims CD cases. Not The Sims 2, but the original ones, along with the 37 (approximately) expansion packs. Because I had all the CDs, you see, in a great big CD folder, but the cases, because they have the activation codes stuck on them. I actually went and copied all my activation codes into a file, but somewhere along the line I lost the file.

And just now, while looking for more CDs to mp3ify, guess what I found? Guess what was hiding under a pile of Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller and the Andrews Sisters?

Yup. (Also Rise of Nations, C&C Generals, Sim City 4 and Microsoft Office.)

Now I'll just toddle off and install them all. Back in a tick.

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Saturday, November 27


Not A Good Sign

It's probably not a good sign when one of your more important servers comes up with the error:

Uhhuh. NMI received. Dazed and confused, but trying to continue
You probably have a hardware problem with your RAM chips

It's been one of those weeks. Actually, it's been two of those weeks, but who's counting?

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Monday, November 01


New Day, New Server

MuNu moved to a new server today, which was as much fun as you could expect from moving a hundred web sites and all their attached files and databases and software. It all seems to be fairly happy on the new server, at least, and we have twice the power of the old server which makes it nice and responsive. Of course, my internet connection is being kind of sucky just now, but I could feel the speed on the forums earlier.

top, the little Unix utility which shows you what's running on your system (it gets that name because it shows the top n programs by the amount of CPU they're eating up) is kind of amusing on this machine. Because it's a dual hyper-threading-enabled Xeon system, it shows up as four CPUs, and top adds up the percentage figures for each CPU, so right now it's telling me that the system is 367% idle. I know that feeling!

Oh, and we've gone through five gigs of bandwidth already. Pretty busy for a Sunday.

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