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Monday, December 03


Yay For Torrents

Lost my copy of Aishiteruze Baby in the great server kablooie of '07. Most of the things I've lost are either (a) also on one of my other computers, (b) backed up, (c) licensed and available on DVD, or (d) rubbish that I don't care about. Somehow I never backed up this one, or if I did, I've lost the backup. 

Fortunately, it having never been licensed (a shame, it's a lovely sereies), I have a choice of two complete fansubs with active torrents. I found the AonE torrent first and grabbed one episode; it's nicely done, but seemed a bit odd, so I think I had the Lunar sub before. That's downloading now.

I've queued about 400GB of downloads in μTorrent, everything I could think of that was still available as fansubs that I might have lost.  Turns out I rather overdid that and actually have many of them in one way or another. (And a good thing too, because I can only download 120GB a month.)  But now at least I can check them off as I restore the backups or locate them on another drive.

I also lost one episode of Nanaka 6/17 and some parts of files from Jungle Guu - the back disks got eaten by mice or something.  I was able to restore them both quickly, because the original torrents were still active.  Fetch the torrent, stop it, drop in the corrupted files, and it fills in the missing bits.  Magic!

Update: Yep, I had the Lunar subs before.  But the AonE sub looks very similar - I think they might have applied the Lunar subtitle scripts to the DVD release, since there's no Animax watermark.

Update: Heh.  I'd forgotten that scene in episode 3.  Perfect child-logic.

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