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Friday, December 29



Download ElectricSistaHood episode 31. Listen starting at 8m30 through to about 10m00.*

That's me they're talking about. smile

And then they segue into a discussion on Ghostbusters. These girls rock!

* And the rest of it too. Uguu!!

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Saturday, December 23




Hope they do a good job.


There's something very strange about the visitor counter at the top. When I visit it with IE, right now, it said 000816. Revisiting it a few minutes later it said 000823. But when I visit it using Firefox, it said 172600. A bit later it said 172661.

Yes indeed. wink

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Wednesday, December 20



Yeah, Shakugan no Shana sucked me right in too. Watched the whole thing in four days.

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Tuesday, December 19


There Is No God But Chiyo-chan

And Tadakichi-san is her prophet.

And trusty steed.

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Keiichi Is A Wuss!!

Get a grip? It takes fifteen volumes of manga for him to get up the courage to even touch Belldandy.

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Sunday, December 17



Steven on Kamichu!
I have never seen a series which was as uneven as this one has been. My earlier impression remains in force: those behind the series never actually made their minds up as to exactly what kind of story they were trying to tell. As a result, it feels episodic, in the worst sense of that word.
It's a slice-of-life series. It's just a series of tales from Yurie's first year as a god.

That's what I expected after seeing the first episode - I don't know why, but I immediately concluded it was going to be that sort of show. And it was, so I was not disappointed. Or at least, far less disappointed, as even given that understanding the show doesn't quite live up to its early promise. (Also, I'm not nearly as allergic to middle-school angst as Steven.)

However, given that the early promise was of a TV series of the quality of Spirited Away, I'm not going to hold it against them that they didn't consistently achieve that.

I give it a 5/5, and rate it as the best show of 2005.

Oh, and the cat epsiode was silly, but Yurie-neko redeems all.

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Saturday, December 16


A Bag Of Lolis

Chocotto Sister.

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Thursday, December 14



About the time my notebook died (or started dying; it was a pretty drawn-out process) I was fortunate enough to discover a new distraction for my daily commute: Podcasts.

You may have heard of them.

I started with Ace's Hoist the Black Flag, which I really enjoyed, but which has sadly slipped from weekly to monthly to, as far as I know, indefinite hiatus. Then I tried listening to Instapundit - who has some great guests, but is not a particularly interesting speaker himself - and some of the conservative radio hosts like Hugh Hewitt, but not being conservative myself I could only take those in small doses.

Then I discovered that Penn Jillette has a daily radio show - and that all the episodes since it started in January were available online. So that got me through the Time of Great Suck at work (August and September, basically, during which I pretty much disappeared from view).

And when that ran out, I found that there are even podcasts about anime. I've sampled about a dozen of them, but the two I keep coming back to are Anime Pulse and Electric Sista Hood*.

The girls at ESH like to hear from their listeners, so I stopped by their web site and told them how much I liked their show and that they had a listener in remote, exotic Australia.***

One of the things they do every week is give away candy - I think it's ESH custom M&M's - to someone drawn from the people who've left messages during the week. And this week they announced that the winner was... Well.

And yeah, I used my real name on the message.

The only thing is, what with me being in Australia and all, the M&M's would have to eat each other during the voyage to survive, and when the candy finally got to me all there'd be in the bag is one big mean-looking M&M that I wouldn't dare eat so I'd just leave it sitting in the back of my freezer for ever and ever.

So... Listen to the show. And one day you too might be a candybitch.*****

* The best** girl gaming and anime podcast.
** The fucking best -
*** Where I live is about as ordinary and suburban as you can get, and there are probably hardly any kangaroos within half a mile of my house.****
**** Possums, now possums we got. Bastardy things. Flying foxes we got. Kookaburras we go. Sulphur-crested cockatoos we got. Rainbow lorikeets, no worries. And I'm sure I could find an echidna or two if I looked. But mostly, what we got is possums.
***** Assuming that it really is me. Which confusion would have been avoided if I'd used my nom-de-blog, but that would just lead to other confusions.

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Wednesday, December 13


Anime Day

You know it's coming!

I'm all set with my Sailor Mercury doll.*

* No, not a figure, a doll. It was a gift. My family is weird.

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Another Nonexistent Sequel

The second El-Hazard OVA.

As Steven notes:

El Hazard: The Magnificent World (i.e. the first OVA) had a superb ending. (Which the second OVA promptly rototilled. And the TV series, a sort of remake, changed it completely.)
The worst example of this rototilling I've seen has to be the Fushigi Yuugi OVAs, which retroactively destroy the entire point of the TV series. But El-Hazard 2: The Awakening of Kalia does its best - worst - whatever - to wreck what came before.

If, after the first OVA, you want to see more of El Hazard, go straight to the second TV series. That actually follows on from the OVA, not from the first TV series, and its actually fairly good. And the 13th episode is rather amusing.

[Goes back to installing operating systems, as he's been doing for the past two weeks. We hates operating systems. We hates them.]

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