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Sunday, October 05


Credits Where Credits' Due

I've chucked some anime opening and closing sequences up on Youtube.  I plan to put my whole collection up there.  And to enlarge my collection significantly, now that I can get stuff out of mkv and mp4 files.*

* It works, though not as cleanly as for avi files.  With an avi, I can snip out the video without any recompression, as long as I start with a keyframe.  With an mkv, I have to uncompress and recompress, which always loses quality.  But since I'm uploading to YouTube which is going to re-encode and screw the quality anyway, that doesn't matter all that much.

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Friday, October 03


Ryoko's Case File


Taptap.  IS THIS THI  -


Is this thing on?  Good.

Kind of died last month.  After running around like mad all of August (pointlessly, as it turned out) I was trying to catch up with stuff at home and in life and mu.nu and mee.nu and another project I'm juggling while at the same time the project at my day job was launching and things got a bit crazy and then I got sick and stayed in bed for a week watching Mythbusters.

Which is awesome.

Mythbusters, that is, not staying in bed sick.

But today I'm here to talk about a startling new phenomenon: Sexy adult women in anime.*

Specifically, Yakushiji Ryoko no Kaiki Jikenbo (warning - site plays background music) or Ryoko's Case File.

I like the music (opening, closing, and incidental); I like the character designs; I like the characters.  And I can't actually recall a police officer questioning a suspect quite that way in anime before.

The only problem is that the show feels a bit loose - the pacing doesn't feel quite right either in the slow moments or the dramatic scenes.  That might just be me, and I might well adjust after a couple more episodes.  It's only a 13-parter (12 of which are already fansubbed) so it's not likely to drag, in any case.

I'll grab (or steal) some screen shots for you later.  Or hey, I can just throw up a quick YouTube clip.



If I want it to be distorted and subtitled in Spanish.

And the fansubs are all mkv, and the raws all mp4, so I can't even snip it out using VirtualDub.  Bah.

Update: Oh, hang on, apparently there's an mp4 plug-in for VirtualDub.  Nothing for mkv, though, so I'll need to grab a raw first.

Update updated: It seems there's a DirectShow plugin that will handle mkv (at least in theory).  I'll give that a whirl.

Update: I'll be frogswoggled.  That worked perfectly.  Hang on a tick...

* Sexy adult women in anime whose breasts aren't larger than their heads, even.

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