Why did you say six months?
He's coming.
This matters. This is important. Why did you say six months?
Why did you say five minutes?

Tuesday, July 26


This Site Is Now One Of Just Three Hits On Google For

"She really is a crazy busy bee."

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Monday, July 25


Wait, What? (Insect Edition)

Maya the Bee was anime?

I always thought it was a European series.  But then, I was watching towards the end of my don't-care-so-long-as-it's-animated period, so I wouldn't have noticed either way.

The American dub had a different - and lame - theme song.  The version we got in Australia had the original tune* with translated lyrics, which is apparently the case for most of the rest of the world:






Czechoslovakia, as was

German remix, apparently broadcast in Spain (the Spanish theme is less lame than the American version, but still not the real thing)

Polish polka version, sung by an unreasonably talented 11-year-old



A live Czech version (Karel Gott sang the original German, Czech, and Slovak versions)



A German / Czech co-production


Wait, Spain had the real thing too, as well as their German remix and their Latin alternate-universe version

Another German version on Spanish TV or...  something - this one actually changes languages midstream



Honestly, you could hum the tune of this show to anyone in the world between the ages of about thirty and fifty and form an instant friendship...  Except for America.  Oh, and Italy.  They messed it up too.

The odd thing, though, is that English version is not the song from my childhood.  That version went:

There is a land that you can't see,
Although it sometimes isn't there;
And that is where you'll find a bee,
With so much happiness to share.
And if you ask her for her name she'll say it's Maya,
The one and only little bee called Maya,
Maya has so many friends you see;
She really is a crazy busy bee.
She's always going to exciting places, Maya,
Meeting friends with different faces, Maya,
Maya, everyone loves Maya.
Maya (Maya), Maya (Maya),
Maya tell us about your day.

I got most of that from memory, and then found this page which had all but the opening verse, and in the right order.  (As soon as I saw it I realised I had some lines the wrong way round.)  I found the opening verse on some random page on Facebook.

Now, let's see if I can find that one as well.



Oh well, here's another version in...  Don't know any more.  I think that's Croatian.  (Looks up.)  Yes, Croatian, which I speak fluently...  To the extent that I can recognise Pcelica Maja when I see it twice just a few minutes apart.

* And by "original", I mean the version composed by Czech songwriter Karel Svoboda.  The Japanese theme song is nearly as bad as the American version.

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Wednesday, July 20


Usagi Drop

So I had a free half hour when things weren't actually on fire, and I watched the first episode of this.  I still have the latter half of last season's shows to watch, but I wanted to pick up one episode of something, and Usagi Drop was something that sounded like it might be good.

And it is.  It is very good indeed.

Oh.  What's it about?  It's about a thirty-year-old guy who moves in with his aunt, who scolds him all the time.  Yes.  Yes, that's what it's about.  Heh.

Four plummeting bunnies out of four.*

* Just as a reminder, the scale is out of four, and the scores range from -1 to 5.

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Tuesday, July 12



An exotic atom with a nucleus comprising three cutinos and a chaon, orbited by a solitary oneeon.

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