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Thursday, January 20


On July 4th Of This Year, Kuronuma Will Blow Up The Moon

Kimi ni Todoke, you've been gone too long.

Yes, it's back, and it's full of awwww and winsome.  And the other way 'round too.

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Sunday, January 02


Chi's Sweet Home / Chi's New Address

These two series, totalling 208 episodes, recount the story of 4th Lt. Chi, an advance scout for the Destructopods from the Chaos Dimension, who is covertly inserted into a normal family of Earth humans for reconnaissance in advance of the planned invasion.*

Plans go awry when Chi goes native, forgets her origins, and instead lives the kitten life.  Pretty much; Chi can still be identified as an alien Destructopod because (a) after two years she's still kitten-sized, (b) she has the consistency and durability of vulcanised rubber, and (c) she has a tendency when startled or excited to lose fine control over her shapeshifting ability and sprout as many as eight additional limbs.

Also, she destroys Tokyo Tower.**


Recommended.  You will need to develop an extreme tolerance for the theme songs, or a quick finger on the fast-forward button, because you will be hearing them a lot.

* There is always a planned invasion.
** Possibly not the actual Tokyo Tower.

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