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Sunday, June 28


The Awesome Goes Up To 14*

Couldn't find any moeblobs to watch, so I went back and picked up Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann from where I'd left off.  And ended up doing an overnight marathon, which I don't think I've done since Escaflowne.

I needed that.

* Standardised Logarithmic Factorial Awesome Scale.

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Friday, June 26


It's All Over! sad

House is finished until later this year; Mythbusters appears to be hiated.  Ashes to Ashes is done until 2010.  Dr Who and Torchwood aren't even running regular seasons this year.

All I have left is the special episode of K-On! and then I'm all out of stuffs to watch and will have to look for new stuffs.

Oh, I do have Stardust on DVD.  There's that.

I would have happily watched 26 episodes of K-On! even though they clearly didn't have 26 episodes worth of material.  But still, it's best to go out on a high note rather than wear out your welcome.  Crom knows we don't need any more mediocre anime.

Oh, and suggestions are actually welcome here. wink   If you know of a good moeblob show I might have missed, feel free to comment.  Or any really good recent anime; one of my favourite series of recent years was Black Lagoon, a show not exactly renowned for its moeitude.

An aside: Just to make it clear, I have a ton of unwatched DVDs and fansubs, not to mention the hundreds of old VHS tapes and laserdisks.  I just don't have the energy.  In fact, I'm feeling awfully Yui-ish right now.

Speaking of our chocolate curry hotpot girl, the K-On! special was a really nice way to close out the series.  There'll be another special along with the DVD release, but apparently they've pretty much caught up with the manga, so that's all for now.

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Thursday, June 18


Bit Rot

One by one, the anime ops and eds I put up on Youtube are disappearing, thanks to Youtube's new content-destroying bots.  Pleh.

Just try to find the Haruhi opening on Youtube.  There were hundreds of copies.  Now there's one, and it's crap.

Pretty soon Youtube will be a wasteland of stupid pet videos and Google will be out the $3.5 squillion or whatever it was they spent.

Pleh, I say.  Pleh.

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Caramelldansen Origins

After the break, because it's NSFA.*

But yes, this is where both caramelldansen and Popotan came from.  Who knew?**

* Not safe for anywhere.
** Apparently, quite a lot of people.

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