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Monday, November 21


Daily News Stuff 21 November 2022

Safety Last Edition

Top Story

  • CBS abandoned Twitter over safety concerns, apparently worried that someone might correct their mistakes.

    They lasted a day.

  • Meanwhile individual journalists are fleeing free speech for the comfort of the distributed platform Mastodon, which is going about as well as you might expect.

    The one thing crazier and more self-absorbed than journalists, it turns out, is people who run Fediverse nodes.

Tech News

  • If computers keep getting faster, why do they sometimes feel like they're getting slower?

    Because they are.  (Dan Luu)

    Measuring the time from pressing a key to the matching character appearing on the screen, the fastest system on the list is...  The Apple IIe.

  • Proof of Solvency: Using the blockchain to make sure that blockchain exchanges aren't Ponzi schemes.  (

    Might not work, but the more friction you throw in the way of fraud, the better.

  • Price cuts expand on the Ryzen 7000 range.  (WCCFTech)

    The leaked price of the upcoming 7900 is $429 against $549 MSRP for the faster 7900X, but the 7900X is now selling for $474, so if you want it you might as well buy it now.  (The 7900X can be configured to run at 65W just like the 7900 non-X.)

  • You will never fix it later.  (Useless Devblog)

    This is not entirely true, though the counterexamples are most often when the thing you promised to fix later suddenly breaks down entirely.

Disclaimer: Those who would give up essential fixes for a little temporary later deserve neither fixes nor later.

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Sunday, November 20


Daily News Stuff 20 November 2022

Return Of The God Emperor Edition

Top Story

  • After a poll that garnered fifteen million votes, Donald Trump's Twitter account has been reinstated.

    The usual suspects are, well, usual suspecting:

    Given that both Apple and Google carry Trump's own Truth Social app in their stores, I think the answer there might not be what Karen was looking for.

Tech News

  • Oh no, there's another one.

    Guess I gotta buy it.  It's a great case, but not cheap, and these special editions run 50% over the price of the regular version.

    I'd be in trouble if they announced they were doing all of Hololive.

  • Artifacts of range restriction: When predictive factors aren't.  (Towards Data Science)

    One example is particularly clear: Among employees of tech companies, technical skill is one of the weakest predictors of success.  That's because tech companies are trying to hire the top 5% by technical skill, and with that range restricted other factors are amplified.

  • Nvidia is expected to launch its mobile 4000 series GPUs on January 3.  (WCCFTech)

    Leaked numbers indicate the mobile 4060 will be faster than the mobile 3070, and the mobile 4070 will be faster than the current top of the line mobile 3080 Ti.

    I wish they'd give them different names to the desktop cards, though.

  • Looking for an 8 core NUC that can double as a four port 2.5Gb firewall/router?  This is one.  (Serve the Home)

    If you don't mind ordering from a random company on AliExpress and getting who knows what BIOS, it does seem to work.

  • Funny how this suddenly became possible after the entire Twitter management team and three quarters of the stuff were terminated and locked out of the network.

Disclaimer: Almost as if the management and staff were the problem all along.

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Saturday, November 19


Daily News Stuff 19 November 2022

Rumours Of My Death Edition

Top Story

Top Story

Disclaimer: Rumours of my death are just pining for the fjords.

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Friday, November 18


Daily News Stuff 18 November 2022

Fucking Monkey Edition

Top Story

Tech News

  • Ticketmaster is probably glad that Twitter and FTX are eating the news cycle after having to cancel ticket sales for Taylor Swift's 2023 tour.  (ABC)

    They reportedly received 3.5 billion requests for tickets, which seems like a lot, but:
    "For example: based on the volume of traffic to our site, Taylor would need to perform over 900 stadium shows (almost 20x the number of shows she is doing) … that's a stadium show every single night for the next 2.5 years."
    Suffering from success, I guess.

    Oh, and after ignoring the growing FTX disaster for years, Congress now wants to investigate Ticketmaster.  Guess they didn't bribe the regulators.

  • AMD is expected to release 65W non-X versions of the 7600, 7700, and 7900 at significantly lower prices than the X models.  (WCCFTech)

    Those are 6, 8, and 12 core parts respectively.  There was a 65W 12 core 5900 part, but it wasn't available in retail.  It will be interesting to see how the 7900 performs given that the 7900X is rated at 170W.

  • Fred Brooks has passed away.  (Twitter)

    Brooks was the project manager for IBM's massively successful System/360 mainframes and OS/360 operating system, and wrote of his experiences in the classic The Mythical Man Month.

    His name is attached to Brooks' Law: Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later, though he personally considered this an "outrageous oversimplification".  Not untrue, but an oversimplification.

Disclaimer: WE GOT ONE!!!

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Thursday, November 17


Daily News Stuff 17 November 2022

Out Of Bees Error Edition

Top Story

  • Twitter workers are now being expected to, well, work.  (Ace of Spades)

    A good roundup of events with plenty of juicy links and communists to mock, plus details of the Deep State's determination to get that damn Musk now that he's taken one of their prime propaganda tools away from them.

  • Meanwhile Amazon has started its own massive layoffs of useless communists.  (

    They're not going to stop supporting communist causes, they're just not going to keep them on their payroll.

    Which I suppose is something.  Let them all start vegan organic locally-sourced fair trade coffee shops in Portland.

Tech News

  • One $5000 AMD Epyc CPU outruns two $8000 Intel Xeons.  (Phoronix)

    True, it's a geometric mean of 200 benchmarks, both single and multi-threaded, and it doesn't fare quite so well when you only look at the multi-threaded workloads.  Still impressive, particularly when we note that this is a 32 core chip in a range that goes up to 96 cores.

  • The Five Essential Keys.  (Starlabs)

    PgUp, PgDn, Home, End, and...  SysRq?

    Weird, but this is designed to be primarily a Linux laptop rather than Windows.

    Choice of an Intel 12900H or AMD 6800H - similar compute performance but the integrated graphics on the AMD chip are twice as fast, up to 64GB of RAM and 4TB of SSD, a 3840x2400 display (or a 2560x1600 165Hz screen, but since it doesn't have a dedicated GPU that's kind of pointless), two USB-C/Thunderbolt ports, three USB-A, HDMI, microSD, and an audio jack.

    You can even customise the keyboard, but only if you choose the international layout which is kind of awful.

  • The Australian Stock Exchange has cancelled its five year mission to boldly go where no stock exchange has gone before.  (The Block)

    The plan was to record all trades on the blockchain.  After five years of work they've scrapped the effort at a cost of A$250 million.

    I could have failed to deliver that project in half the time at a quarter the cost.  Call me next time, guys.

  • Micron is cutting DRAM and flash memory production by 20%.  (Tom's Hardware)

    It takes months for chips to go through the pipeline so this won't affect supply any time soon, but the supply chain may take the opportunity to increase prices.  Probably not a lot, though.  If the chips were selling well, Micron wouldn't be cutting production.

  • Lenovo is releasing another large, high resolution table.  (Liliputing)

    The 11" Tab Extreme joins the Tab K10, Tab M10 FHD, Tab M10 FHD Plus, Tab M10 Plus, Tab P11 Plus, Tab P11 Pro, and Tab P12 Pro in Lenovo's range of full-size tablets with 1920x1200 or higher resolution displays.

    Their sole small high-resolution tablet available outside China, the M8 FHD, was quietly killed earlier this year.

    Not that I am still salty about that at all.

Disclaimer: 100% pure sodium chloride.

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Wednesday, November 16


Daily News Stuff 16 November 2022

Objects In The Mirror Edition

Top Story

  • Tech industry job cuts are overblown.  (Protocol)
    Silicon Valley will likely see a culture shift after all the carnage at Twitter, Meta, and elsewhere, but it won’t be a long-term switch, according to Church and Crivello.

    Crivello predicted that engineers' lives would become 20% more intense for a year or so before going back to normal. It’s "just economics," he said.

    "Historically, there has been infinite demand for engineers and very little supply," Crivello said. "These companies have very little leverage."
    Well that's good to hear.  Thanks to the tireless journalists at Protocol for clearing that up.

  • Tech news site Protocol is closing its doors and laying off its entire staff.  (CNN)


Tech News

Disclaimer: Without ketchup.

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Tuesday, November 15


Daily News Stuff 15 November 2022

Locking The Stable Door Edition

Top Story

  • Slowly at first, then all at once: How Sam Bankman-Fried's crypto empire collapsed. (The New York Times)
    FTX and Alameda were closely linked. Alameda traded heavily on the FTX platform, meaning it sometimes benefited when FTX’s other customers lost money, a dynamic that critics called a conflict of interest.
    No. A supporter would call it a conflict of interest. A critic would call it fraud.
    Mr. Bankman-Fried moved FTX to the Bahamas in 2021, drawn by a regulatory setup that allowed him to offer risky trading options that weren’t legal in the United States. On the exchange, investors could borrow money to make big bets on the future value of cryptocurrencies.
    Margin calls on the the radioactive decay of short-lived isotopes would be a better bet.
    Despite the billions that venture capital firms put into the company, FTX had none of those outside investors on its board.
    Can I have a billion dollars? I promise to return at least 90% of it. WHICH IS MORE THAN FUCKING ZERO WHICH IS ALL YOU IDIOTS DESERVE.

  • The entirely predictable collapse of FTX is prompting a long overdue and completely ineffective regulatory response. (CoinDesk)

    The article has a link to a podcast episode titled Sam Bankman-Fraud.

  • Crypto lender BlockFi says please don't ask for your money back. (Reuters)

    Your money is safe. In the Bahamas. Enjoying itself. Without you.

Tech News

Not Exactly Tech News But Not Entirely Not Tech News Either

  • So Pipkin Pippa, based rabbit vtuber and all-round chaos magnet, had a stream in which she created an entire imaginary vtuber agency using the NovelAI image generation tool - showing exactly the text prompts she used to get the results she wanted.  Helpful if you're new to NovelAI and kind of lost.

    Two days later all her creations had their own Twitter and YouTube accounts, a corporate presence, and a debut stream.

    Humanity had a good run, but now we've been replaced by AI vtubers created as a joke by a cartoon rabbit.

Disclaimer: Do you Pippas want Skynet? Because this is how you get Skynet.

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Monday, November 14


Daily News Stuff 14 November 2022

Left Leg Floating Away Edition

Top Story

  • Recessions unmask fraud.  (The Economist)

    When the economy is bubbling merrily along, you can get away with fudging the books just a little to make it look like things are going better than they are.  At least for a while.

    But when the macroeconomic soup turns sour, and your financial papercuts turn into open wounds, it's much harder to hide.

    Hence FTX.

  • Is next?  (WCCFTech)

    Since bank runs on marginal financial schemes are self-fulfilling prophecies, now that you ask the question, the answer is, probably, yes.

  • FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried isn't who you think he is.  (CoinGeek)
    As Bankman-Fried seduces more wannabe traders into gambling on so-called digital currencies with the lure of free BTC, it’s worth remembering that all of these people have an agenda, and it usually involves you losing money to line their pockets.
    Okay, we know that.  So what?

    So that article is from February.

Tech News

Disclaimer: Could be worse.  Could be raining frogs.

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Sunday, November 13


Daily News Stuff 13 November 2022

Ponzi Is As Ponzi Does Edition

Top Story

Tech News

Disclaimer: This wireless thingy is definitely a fad. Why in my day, we had wires and we were proud of it.

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Saturday, November 12


Daily News Stuff 12 November 2022

I Never Use The Numpad Edition

Top Story

  • The third shoe has dropped at Twitter with more senior staff leaving the company.  (New York Post)

    Most notable is Yoel Roth, head of the Censorship and Intimidation department, and Chief Book Burner after the unceremonious departure of the toxic Vijaya Gadde.  Elon Musk had given Roth his support, but evidently the two did not see eye to eye on the mission.  Roth appeared to be a true believer in management by censorship, even if not quite as vapidly doctrinaire as his former boss.

    Roth was directly involved in the 2020 censoring of the New York Post's Laptop from Hell story, so they are not sad to see him gone. 

    Despite his obvious bias and general ill-intent, he did have some good points:
    In other tweets dating back to 2016 and 2017, Roth dubbed Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell a "personality-free bag of farts".
    Not inaccurate.

    Also out are Damien Kieran, the Chief Abusing Users' Personal Data for Fun and Profit Officer, and Lea Kissner, who filled the role of Chief Help Me I'm in Charge of Data Security at a Company Full of Communists Officer.

Tech News

Disclaimer: Owls are intrinsically funny.

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