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Tuesday, February 16


Daily News Stuff 16 February 2021

Baking Better Breadrolls Edition

Tech News

  • Those bumblefucks at YouTube banned Sakura Miko this time.  She has her account back, but not her members.

    873,000 subscribers doesn't warrant human review even when you have just done the same thing to other members of the same group.

    The company is run by morons.  Three times is enemy action and all that, but they are doing this to themselves.

  • My router caught fire.

    Apparently it was a short right in the plug, which was unfortunate because my first instinct was to pull the plug, and I grabbed hold of molten plastic.


    I have backup networking stuff but it's not configured the way I need so things are even more chaotic than usual.

  • A look at the Xbox Series X SOC, or XOX.  (AnandTech)

    Compared the the Xbox One X it has twice the GPU performance and three times the CPU; the One X's CPU was the same as the base Xbox One, which was...  Not great.

  • Western Digital has launched the new Green SN350 M.2 SSD range.  (Tom's Hardware)

    These are QLC NVMe devices, which are fine for the average user, but the only advantage of QLC is price, and the MSRP is exactly the same as the current price of the TLC Blue SN550 on Amazon, and only 20% cheaper than the Black SN750.

    Unless that price comes down, they make no sense.

  • AMD is releasing 28 and 56 core Epyc CPUs with their third generation Milan range unless they aren't.  (WCCFTech)

    Along with other models ranging from 8 to 64 cores.

    The listed specs indicate the 56 core model would have eight CPU chiplets each with seven cores active.  On Zen 1 and Zen 2 that would have meant unbalanced CCXes and potential scheduler problems, but Zen 3 has a unified eight core design and that particular problem wouldn't arise.

    The L2 cache numbers are wrong though, which raises a red flag.

    Intel's new Ice Lake Xeon parts are also listed here, and likewise may or may not bear any relation to reality.

  • Clubhouse is sending your data to China.  (The Verge)

    Maybe.  Apparently Clubhouse is built on Agora, which is a Chinese company, and though they say they don't transmit US-based data back to China, (a) they are probably lying and (b) Chinese users who make it past the Great Firewall are screwed.

  • Those idiots at Bloomberg are at it again.

    This is not a new story.  This is not an update to the original story from 2018.  This is the exact same story as before, with exactly the same evidence, which is to say, none whatsoever.

    Here's a thread by someone who is not an idiot breaking down exactly why the idiots at Bloomberg are in fact idiots.

  • Tried baking some breadrolls just with the pancake mix, using a higher temperature and a shorter time to avoid that thick crust.

    The best batch yet - the crust is fine and they taste great, though more like scones than dinner rolls - but they also fall apart.  Not sure how to solve that one.

  • I'm a big fan of crossing the streams, especially streams you would never expect to cross.

Definitely Not Tech News

  • Meanwhile in Melbourne, Australia's own little San Francisco, or possibly New York.

    Victoria had 90% of Australia's total WBSDP deaths despite having 25% of the country's population.  This is because it is run by idiots.

Haachama Being Haachama Video of the Day

So, Haachama wants to be part of Hololive English, being the first English speaker in Hololive and indirectly the inspiration for HoloEN itself.  Coco joined Hololive because of Haachama, and then pushed for and helped audition HoloEN Gen 1.

Now that HoloEN is auditioning for Gen 2, Haachama took the logical approach and filled out her application...  Live on stream.  Though apparently her email address is haachamachamachama@.

The application form requires a demo video to show of your skills, and here's what she submitted.

Disclaimer: Crikey, it's a gremlin.

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Monday, February 15


Daily News Stuff 15 February 2021

Did I Do That Edition

Tech News

  • The RTX 3060 is great value at $329 with 12GB of RAM.  Unfortunately it looks like it will sell for anything from $600 to $850.  (WCCFTech)

    Which is not great value at all.

  • Why SELECT * is bad for SQL performance.  (Tanel Poder)

    Actually, all the reasons are obvious and most of them don't matter most of the time.  If you do need just one or two fields, and those fields are indexed, and that query is used a lot, it's worth your time to narrow your field selection.  But far more important to get your database design correct.

  • The Raspberry Pi Pico can output VGA with just a handful of resistors.

    With two cores, 2MB of flash, and 264K of RAM, it's pretty close to a real-world implementation of my imaginary home computer.  Well, it does run at 133MHz rather than 3MHz, and it's 32-bit rather than 10/20 bit, but otherwise.

    Having 8 bit bytes instead of 10 bits means it effectively has less memory, but on the plus side it is much, much, much faster.

    The 264k RAM is broken up into four banks of 64k and two of 4k.  There's a fabric that connects the two cores and the DMA controller to the memory, and the multiple banks let them all read and write to RAM without conflict, if you're careful.

    It also has XIP - execute in place - on the flash memory, so you don't need to load code into RAM before running it.  Not sure how dynamic that is; the tradeoff for XIP is that you can't write to it at the same time.  You have to be running code out of RAM, switch XIP mode off, write your data, and then switch it back on.

    Working my way through the 637 page datasheet right now.

  • Fuck Ethereum.

    Matic on the other hand - now part of Polygon - is Ethereum compatible and seems to actually work, while offering transactions two million times cheaper than Ethereum.

    The one good thing about the sky-high Ethereum prices (both ETH and gas) is that I was able to scrape together small amounts of ETH from secondary wallets at my day job and convert it to what would cost $430,514,016.07 if we wanted to run the same volume of transactions on Ethereum itself.

Definitely Not Tech News

  • Bubble dwellers rise up against....  Everyone else!  (CJR)

    This has to be the most comically unaware piece ever written by a multicellular organism.

  • Though this comes close.  (New York Times)

    The money quote comes right at the end:
    "That’s not what I would have expected from The Times,” she said. "You have the 1619 Project. You guys do all this amazing reporting on this, and you can say something like that?”

Essential Minecraft Mods Video of the Day

There's a strange cat outside.

Disclaimer: Assumes facts not in evidence.

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Sunday, February 14


Daily News Stuff 14 February 2021

St Valentine Was Famously Eaten By Bears Edition

Tech News

A Hat in Time Video of the Day

Holoquake Video of the Day

I saw a video of their reactions earlier, and couldn't find it just now.  Turns out it was taken down because several of them were playing Momotaro Dentetsu and it's a copyright strike magnet.  So this is the same one, only severely cropped in parts.

Also, yes, that's Roboco.  Only now she has cat ears and a comfy fuzzy sweater.

Korone too.

Everyone was fine; this was closer but a lot smaller than the massive 2011 Tōhoku quake.

HoloMath Video of the Day

Cavi* gives her thoughts on the new generation.

* Check the plate of Valentine's Day chocolates.

Disclaimer: I backed that game on Kickstarter, and it's one of the best things I've backed.  It's great to see the Hololive girls have picked it up and it's getting a fresh round of fans.

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Saturday, February 13


Daily News Stuff 13 February 2021

Bacon Pancakes Edition

Tech News

  • Well, the chicken I ordered for my next round of cooking experiments was out of stock - chicken breast pre-cut into nugget-sized pieces because I'm lazy and it's only another 50¢ per kilogram - so I'll just be doing a roast instead.

    Today I tried baking a couple of batches of gluten-free soda bread, first just with self-raising flour, then with half-and-half self-raising flour and pancake mix.

    The first attempt was, I think the word is, bad.  The second attempt tasted much better but had a thick crunchy crust and didn't rise enough.

    Going to order some yeast and experiment some more.  I've tried gluten-free bread mixes a few times in the bread machine without success, so here I'm doing it by hand.

  • The RTX 3060 is on its way in a couple of weeks.  (AnandTech)

    This is 14/19ths of a 3060 Ti core with 3/4 the bandwidth and 3/2 the RAM for 329/399ths of the price.

    Will you be able to buy one?  Shake shake.  Signs point to no.

  • Raspberry Pi has already sold one million Picos.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Unfortunately they only made 200,000 in the initial production run, so even if you got your order in you could be waiting a while.

    A few suppliers still have stock but have strict limits on purchase quantities.

  • Rocket Lake desktop parts are on their way.  If you were looking forward to the new Xe graphics core, here's some bad news for you.  (WCCFTech)

    The core in the desktop version is drastically reduced from the laptop parts - one third the number of cores.

  • Amazon has filed suit in New York to block a suit by the New York Attorney General over unsafe working conditions, claiming that federal occupational safety laws pre-empt state laws.  (ZDNet)

    It's an interesting theory.

  • I missed the start of Coco's latest Twitch-plays-Pokemon Minecraft stream, so now I'm waiting for the livestream to end so I can go back and watch the beginning.  She's stopped playing Minecraft, but then she read superchats for an hour and launched straight into karaoke, so it might be a while.

    The reason I missed it - one of the reasons, because I was also asleep at the time - is that YouTube shadowbanned the stream.  She noticed the shadowban beforehand, and re-created the stream....  And they shadowbanned that too.

    The way YouTube shadowbans work is that videos don't show up in your feed, recommendations, or notifications even if you subscribe to that channel.

    They also shadowbanned Kiara's last two streams, and Gura's collab with Amelia today.  Kiara posted to her YouTube community page to let people know about the shadowbanned streams, and they shadowbanned her post.

    Those three between them have over four million subscribers - and corporate backing - so just imagine what happens to smaller channels.

    Regular shadowbans are basically committing fraud on your users, making them think they are posting publicly when only their followers can see them.  YouTube shadowbans are fraud against the followers as well.

    I'm keeping a log of things social networks shouldn't do, and this ranks right up there.

    Update: I just realised.  She was doing Chat plays Minecraft on the HoloJP server, not single player this time.  I mean, I saw that in the part I caught earlier, it just didn't register.

    But the very first question she asked chat was which button to click on the Minecraft loading screen.

    Update: Reine pre-emptively titled her latest stream "I love YouTube".

  • Yandex caught an employee selling access to private emails.  (ZDNet)

    Only three employees in the company had the sysadmin rights to be able do this, so once they found that it was happening, the investigation as to who was responsible was probably quite short.

    Good advertising for ProtonMail though.

  • Speaking of which, I will support end-to-end encrypted messages in Mana (the new platform) but not in V1.  You'll need to download an app, which will basically be a local instance of Mana, bundled up to run on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

    Mobile apps are not on the radar at all, but there is already a full API, so anyone who wants to will be able to write one.

Definitely Not Tech News

  • Magnitude 7.1 earthquake off the coast of Fukushima.  (Japan Times)

    No tsunami is expected this time but people on the coast nearby were advised to seek high ground.

  • Some tweets age better than others.

    Yes, talking about exactly who you think we were talking about.

The Show Must Go On, Even If No-One Knows the Words Video of the Day

The rest of Hololive is just as confused about Haachama as her viewers.

Just Make the Anime Already

Disclaimer: Not the bees!

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Friday, February 12


Daily News Stuff 12 February 2021

Unleash The Chaos Gremlins Edition

Tech News

Disclaimer: Baked beans are off!

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Thursday, February 11


Daily News Stuff 11 February 2021

Road To Amelion Edition

Tech News

  • Another day, another blonde chaos gremlin hits the million mark.

    🎉 Watson Amelia🔎 celebrates 1,000,000 subscribers 🎉 from r/Hololive

    She was playing Oblivion at the time, but she had an Instant Party button wired up ready to go.

  • Comparing the Threadripper Pro 3995WX to mere mortal systems.  (AnandTech)

    This is the Lenovo Thinkstation P620 again, and not the Asus motherboard.  Which is a shame, because it would be really nice to see this tested with consumer rather than OEM parts.

    It only came out slightly ahead of the 3990X, but what you're paying for here is the far greater memory and I/O capacity rather than raw performance.

  • Samsung is planning a new $17 billion fab in Texas.  (AnandTech)

    Production is expected to start coming online as soon as 2023.

  • Speaking of Samsung, Qualcomm's new 5G modem chips use their 4nm process.  (AnandTech)

    Or more precisely, will do so, since the parts aren't shipping yet.  They're expected to arrive in flagship phones this year though.

  • Cooking up some baby potatoes in my air fryer now as an experiment.  Only cooked chips, chicken nuggets, and simple things like that previously.

    Verdict: Not bad.  As Terry Pratchett said, if you add butter and salt they taste like salty butter.

  • AMD's StoreMI caching software now works with Threadripper Pro systems.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Okay, it makes sense to test and qualify it across your full range of desktop CPUs, but on the other hand, no-one is going to spend $5000 on a CPU and then want driver-based hybrid storage.

    On the third hand, the 16 core Threadripper Pro is only $1150, so maybe there's a niche there.

  • Let's Encrypt is prepping.  (Let's Encrypt)

    They issue an average of two million certificates per day, but want to be prepared in case disaster strikes and every single certificate needs to be reissued at once.

    They've upgraded to new Dell Epyc servers with 2TB of RAM for the databases, 25Gb Ethernet using hardware donated by Cisco, and dedicated encryption hardware capable of 800 million signing operations per day.

  • Apple: North Dakota bill threatens to destroy the iPhone as you know it.  (MacRumors)

    Everyone else: Good.

  • Before Cat Lawyer there was Cat Chemist.  (

    Same software struck in the same way back in 2013.  That was before Zoom even existed.  It was shipped as a default webcam filter on some Dell laptops.

  • Shame, PyPI.  Shame.

  • Did the Democrats just get caught using fake evidence in the impeachment farce?

    Yes.  The answer is yes.

  • Publishing a new ERC721 contract (with some custom features) on the Matic EVM-compatible network costs $0.000489.

    Over the past 24 hours, publishing the same contract to the Ethereum mainnet would have cost between $600 and $2600 depending on when you were unfortunate enough to be trying to do it.

    Last time I was publishing new contracts - about nine months ago - it was around $20, and that was already a problem because the contract required several last-minute revisions.

    The current situation is insane.

World's Fastest Doog Video of the Day

Blink and you'll die in a traffic accident.

I See Nazi People Video of the Day

Gina Carano was fired by Disney for calling attention to the dangers of ostracising and blacklisting people over their opinions.

Linking to Clownfish here because most of the sites are lying about this, celebrating it, or both.

Disclaimer: I see Nazi people.  They don't know they're Nazis.  They're everywhere.

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Wednesday, February 10


Daily News Stuff 10 February 2021

Haatochamillion Edition

Tech News

  • Wait, you can embed Reddit posts?  Let's try that.  Don't have a tag yet, so these are manual.

    🎉 Akai Haato❤️ celebrates 1,000,000 subscribers 🎉 from r/Hololive


    Amelia is at 995k, and Coco at 980k right now.  Haachama was in third place but then she strapped on a JATO unit and blew right past them.

    Reddit embeds seem to work pretty well - and load a lot faster than Twitter - with one exception.  If a post has been edited by default it won't display the text in an embed (which is reasonable - you don't want to accidentally embed something that then turns weird), but if you disable that feature it still doesn't display the text.

  • The advantage of having a split personality is that you can be in two places at once.  Akai Haato has a livestream starting in an hour:

    While Haachama is doing a Minecraft collab with Mio, Fubuki, Botaan, and Watame.

    Update: She ducked out of the collab to do a live version of her own stream rather than the pre-recorded one.  It's extra weird this way.  Psychological horror / one million subscriber party crossover.

  • My huge grocery order arrived.  Or more precisely, I got some chicken, some grapes, and some eggs and margarine.

    Everything else - 90% of the order - was listed as out of stock.  Everything from flour, sugar, potatoes, and Pepsi to my favourite gluten-free carrot cake slices that actually do go out of stock regularly.

    Apparently there was a widespread failure of their barcode scanning system late last night when my order was being picked, and so I got only the few items that they already had in the cart when the scanners failed.

    They didn't bother to say that, though.  Just an automated sorry, some of your items were out of stock followed by two pages of stuff I didn't get.

    Even bigger order inbound tomorrow, I hope.  A few items are now on sale so I'm saving about $20.

  • I found a donut maker.  Actually a four-in-one device with swappable cooking plates - donuts, waffles, and open and closed toasted sandwiches.

    The same store I found that has one donut maker - the only one I can find in Australia - has ten different takoyaki makers.

  • Zombie girl is singing anime songs.  Including K-On.  Took me a moment to go from hey I know that one, to oh, yeah.

  • Chrome sucks at handling busy YouTube livestreams.

    How badly does it suck?  A stream that caused Chrome to freeze up on my desktop PC (Ryzen 1700, 16GB RAM), played just fine, including live chat, on a 2013 Nexus 7 (1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro, 2GB RAM) using the YouTube app.

  • Why Intel's new Rocket Lake processors won't work on most current motherboards.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Because fuck you, that's why.

  • We've removed your clothing items from our store because they contain drugs, somehow.  (Medium)

    Also no, even though you pay us over $100,000 a year and this is obvious bullshit you get no support whatsoever.

    Also yes, we do sell hundreds of thousands of products that are obviously fake and do nothing about them despite constant complaints.

    Yes, it's Amazon again.

  • Intel's Horse Ridge II has a maximum operating temperature of 4.  (Serve the Home)

    4 Kelvin.

    It's a support chip for quantum computing - a qubit interface chip, rather than the qubit processing element itself.

  • Apple has patched their sudo problem.  (Bleeping Computer)

    In the last three releases, so you're not forced to upgrade just for the security fix.  I rag on Apple a lot, and all of it is deserved, but this they've handled appropriately.

  • Qaulcomm's new X65 5G modem can hit 10Gbps.  (ZDNet)

    No, you don't need 10Gbps on your phone.  The point of this is to get your download done and your phone back to idle and the network free again as quickly as possible.

  • LineageOS now supports the Nintendo Switch.  (XDA Developers)

    You need to find an older Switch though, because Nintendo have patched the firmware to prevent you having nice things.

  • One of the key features of the new Arm-based Macs is that they can run iOS apps.  Unless Apple decides that they can't.  (9to5Mac)

    Apple could have added an alert saying that certain apps are not officially supported on MacOS, but instead they tell you that you are not permitted to run your software on your hardware. 

    It doesn't matter if you've bought the app.  It doesn't matter if you've bought the computer.  You don't own anything here.  Fuck you.

K-On Song Video of the Day

I don't think the series had any of the full-length songs within the actual episodes.  In fact, for a show about music it had remarkably little music.  A Channel had a new full-length song in every episode.

The Tokyo Philharmonic Celebrates Haachama's Milestone Video of the Day

Let Me Explain

No, there is to much.  Let me sum up.

Click for bigger version.

Disclaimer: Rice is a side dish.  Everything is a side dish if you're brave enough.

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Tuesday, February 09


Daily News Stuff 9 February 2021

Takoyaki Cake Pop Edition

Tech News

  • Need a 28GBps SSD?  Highpoint has you covered, sort of.  (Tom's Hardware)

    It's a PCIe 4.0 x16 card with an NVMe RAID controller - just 0/1/10, no 5/6 here - that takes eight M.2 devices and merges them into one big, very fast, blob.

    Price is around $1300.  You can get much cheaper four-slot adaptors, because those can be done with a passive board and the CPU's own PCIe bifurcation support (simply splitting a x16 link into four x4 links), but if you want this many devices on a single card you need the expensive custom chip.

  • Tesla bought $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin.  (Tom's Hardware)

    And announced it would be accepting payments in BTC.

    Given the timing, they've probably already made over $500 million on this.

  • CD Projekt Red got hacked and is being held to ransom.  (WCCFTech)

    Their official response to their Perforce server getting hacked and all the files deleted was Pfft, we use Perforce, there's nothing worse you can do to us.

    Also, they have backups.

  • Zen 4 could deliver a 25% IPC increase and 40% overall performance boost over Zen 3 or not.  (WCCFTech)

    That's an awful lot for a fourth-gen part, but their track record so far makes this entirely plausible.  Zen 4 won't be out this year, but there may be a Zen 3+ update in between.

    Rumours for Zen 4 are only just starting to appear, but the rumours for Zen 3 were pretty darn accurate.  AMD has spoken publicly about Zen 4 but has given few details so far.  (The Street)

  • 20% of all requests to Wikimedia - the image library for Wikipedia - are for one particular photo of a New York aster.  (Wikimedia)

    As in the flower.  (Wikipedia)

    Nobody knows why.

  • PyPI is awash with spam right now.  (ZDNet)

    This is bad, first because it's full of spam, and second because if the moderators are busy fighting spam they might miss malware.

  • Google's fuckup with Terraria is getting more attention now, though not from Google.

    Ars Technica

    Rock Paper Shotgun


    PC Magazine


    The Escapist

    The Verge

    Curiously enough, DuckDuckGo provides much better search results here than Google itself.

    I just wonder how much bad news is required to get Google to respond.  Any competent or honest company would have done something about this already.

  • You can't buy a home donut maker in Australia.  They just don't exist.  Commercial unit that can crank out 1750 donuts an hour, sure.   Amazon AU sells those.  Home unit that makes four or six at a time, no.

    I could order one from Amazon US, but then I'd need a suitable adaptor, which would cost as much as the donut maker itself.

  • Monkeys R Us.

Meanwhile on YouTube Kids Video of the Day

Yes, this video on YouTube Kids is by the same girl who cooked and ate a tarantula, reviewed adult fan art of herself - on four separate occasions, and most recently, um, oh, there's a new one.

It's hard to explain what is happening on her channel right now, except in numbers.  Since she started this weird avant garde performance art kick, she's shot up the charts to be second in subscriber growth behind only Gura, and far and away the top in views for the past week.


If you aren't up to your eyeballs in Haachamania that thumbnail will look perfectly normal.  I've been following a lot of it and without watching the most recent stream this would have passed without comment except for nice, one of her chill Minecraft building streams.

She's about 30 hours away from the million mark (currently 989,000 subscribers) so she'll probably settle back down to her normal levels of creative insanity soon.  I think she wants to feel like she's earned that million.  She has, of course, but she wants to feel it.

Update update:

Oh, it won't show full size even in an embed.  You'll need to click through.  Or not, if you want to sleep ever again.

Reminded of This By Wonderduck Video of the Day

Disclaimer: Bacon donuts, making bacon donuts...

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Monday, February 08


Daily News Stuff 8 February 2021

Chicken With A Chainsaw Edition

Tech News

Mouse Computer Ad Roundup Video of the Day

Ran out of individual videos, so here's a whole bunch of them.  The ones with the little drummer girl start around the two minute mark.

Disclaimer: It's supposed to be pay-to-play.  It's a business.  That's how businesses work.  That's the entire point.

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Sunday, February 07


Daily News Stuff 7 February 2021

Making Chicken Pancakes Edition

Tech News

  • I have only one source of gluten-free chicken nuggets, they're not particularly cheap, and they're out of stock half the time.

    But I now have a little oven that can cook basically anything and be wiped clean with a handful of paper towels no matter how messy the recipe.  So time to experiment.

    I've ordered a big batch of chicken fillets and gluten-free marinades, flour, breadcrumbs, and pancake mix to try out in various combinations.  Plus some vegetables so I can just do a mini roast dinner.  Won't go hungry this week.

  • Speaking of PCIe 5.0 Silicon Motion expects to be shipping PCIe 5.0 SSD controllers in the second half of 2022.  (Tom's Hardware)

    No technical details yet, but the first PCIe 4.0 controllers could "only" reach 5GB per second so we might see something similar again.

  • Reverse-engineering a one-bit processor.  (Righto)

    This is not even a bit-slice CPU, it is literally a one-bit architecture.

  • You apparently can stop the Signal.  (Bleeping Computer)

    Iran banned Signal.

    Signal suggested users use SSL proxies and provided sample code.

    Security researchers posted information about security issues with this approach to GitHub.

    Signal said please don't use GitHub for this, post the details to our support forums.

    The researchers posted the information to Signal's support forums.

    Signal banned them.

  • Apps in Apple's App Store lie.  (MSN)

    They may say they store no private information, but they do.

    When questioned, Apple said - and I quote - "Whatever."

    Oh, and that article sets 87 cookies even with AdBlock Plus enabled.  Literally.  I counted them.

  • AlmaLinux is a fork of CentOS - specifically CentOS 8.  (AlmaLinux)

    Sponsored by CloudLinux, which is a commercial fork of RHEL.  It's out in beta right now.

  • The internet is full of crazy people.  (New York Times)

    And not all of them work for the New York Times.

  • Though many do.

    They explicitly fired someone for discussing racist language.  Outside of work.  On the other side of the planet.

Twitter Sets Itself On Fire Over Puppets Video of the Day

As I say every day, any country that doesn't ban Twitter is out of its mind.

Disclaimer: All tits and curses, all the time.

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