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Sunday, October 11


Daily News Stuff 11 October 2020

A Shark, A Map, A Tunnel: Atlantis Edition

Tech News

Biped Video of the Day

This was the perfect game to be livestreamed by two idiots.

You Know It's Gone Mainstream When Video of the Day

The song's not bad either.

Don't Try to Learn English From Anime Either Video of the Day

In fact, that might turn out even worse than learning Japanese from anime.

Disclaimer: Which is actually pretty damn fast compared to 1983.  But most things are.  I mean, not me personally, but most things.

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Daily News Stuff 10 October 2020

Catch Up Edition

Tech News

Let's Corrupt Those Nice Hololive Girls Video of the Day

I like the way the software captures her blinking.  That works really well.

Disclaimer: Nice Hololive girls: Proceed to murder hundreds of people.

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Saturday, October 10


Daily News Stuff 9 October 2020

Tass Times In ToneTown Edition

Tech News

  • Hololive livestreams are a train wreck here in Australia.  They disable rewind, and that seems to completely ruin YouTube's streaming.

    On this laptop I can play regular videos perfectly fine, but Hololive livestreams are a stuttering unwatchable mess even dialed all the way down to 144p.

    Given that they make all their money from livestreams, this seems like a problem.

    Update: Huh.  Working today.

  • The 2020 Acer Nitro 5 brings Renoir and Turing together starting at just $669.  (AnandTech)

    I/O is good, with USB-A and C ports, wired Ethernet, and HDMI, and expandability is great with user-upgradeable RAM, two M.2 slots, and a 2.5" drive bay.

    CPU performance is great as you'd expect from a 6 Ryzen 4500U, and gaming on the GTX 1650 is pretty solid, though it won't hit 60 FPS on max settings on some games.

    Most interesting is that for a cheap gaming laptop the battery life is not at all bad - 4 hours of gameplay or 10 hours watching movies.

    Downside is it weighs an old-school 2.4kg.

    It does have the Four Essential Keys, but in the form of a full numeric keypad, which I don't like on a laptop.  But YMMV.

  • Speaking of Ryzen performance AMD announced the Ryzen 5000 lineup just as they announced they were going to announce.  (AnandTech)

    19% higher average IPC measured as the geometric mean across 25 benchmarks.  AMD says it's faster than both the 10900K and the 1185G7 on single-threaded tasks.  The latter is a laptop chip but should still be hitting its rated clock on a single core, so it's a fair test.  It will of course crush Intel on multi-threaded tasks.

    Clock speeds increased only marginally, by 100-200MHz, but it's the same TSMC 7nm process and the same TDP, so that's to be expected.

    Price got a $50 increase on all chips, so it now ranges from $299 for six cores to $799 for sixteen.

    No mention yet of new Threadripper or Epyc parts, though we can be sure they are on the way; they will use the same CPU dies as these Ryzen parts, and the same I/O dies as existing Threadripper and Epyc.

  • AMD is reportedly looking to take advantage of it's restored market valuation to buy Xilinx.  (Tom's Hardware)

    That would be an interesting acquisition.  Xilinx is one of the two main FPGA vendors; the other, Altera, got swallowed by Intel about five years ago.

Disclaimer: I still can't find a decent Tass Times in ToneTown video.  There's one from the Amiga but it cuts off the theme music after a few seconds; there are others from the Apple IIgs and the - I think that's an Atari ST - but they sound like crap.  I don't know what's going on with the IIgs version, it sounds like they spilled all the notes and didn't bother putting them back in the correct order.

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Thursday, October 08


Daily News Stuff 8 October 2020

Available In The Third Quarter Of Never Edition

Tech News

Disclaimer: Because fuck you, they explained.

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Wednesday, October 07


Daily News Stuff 7 October 2020

The Magic Goes Away Edition

Tech News

  • Wonderduck pointed out the reason for my bizarre and wonderful YouTube feed - not YouTube itself (or chronosynclastic infundibuli) but a caching bug in Google Translate.

    Subscribe to thirty-five Hololive channels all at once and you too can experience the joys of LexxTube.

  • And also two hours of adorable insanity as Korone plays Untitled Rat Game.

  • The House Judiciary Committee has produced a report recommending that AAFG be regulated or broken up.  (

    This is the majority report.  That is, it's written by the Democrat members of the committee.  And the big tech companies are the Democrats' best friends in the world.

    The chaos should be delightful to watch.

    Not that they are wrong.

  • Netflix are left out of this report.  But that's okay because they've been indicted on criminal charges over Cuties.  (TMZ)

    I expect that to go nowhere, and to go nowhere far more quickly and at less expense than the antitrust action, but still, popcorn futures.

  • In actual tech news ASRock has some new STX-format Tiger Lake motherboards.  (Tom's Hardware)

    These don't have USB4, but given what I just learned about USB4 that's probably for the best.

    They do have two network ports (2.5Gb and 1Gb) and four HDMI ports, including one at the front.  Which is not something you'd need every day but would be really useful for a test-bench machine.

  • Apple's T2 security chip is broken and unfixable.  (ironPeak)

    If you allow untrusted parties unsupervised physical access to your Mac.  So don't do that.

Please Don't Suck Video of the Day

It's out in early access today, but I'll wait.  Still have, um, several games left in the queue.

It has 3127 reviews on Steam at time of writing.  I was confused by that, since it supposedly only hit early access today.

In fact, it did only hit early access today.  3127 reviews.  In less than a day.  Average rating "very positive".

Disclaimer: Bloop.

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Daily News Stuff 6 October 2020

Digital Puppets Edition

Tech News

  • Nvidia can now reduce the bandwidth required for your next conference call to just a few kilobytes per second.

    Plus you can have doggy ears.

  • The first DDR5 modules are showing up.  (AnandTech)

    Unless I've missed something, there is currently no hardware for these to plug into.

  • It's even worse than you thought.  (AnandTech)

    One of those rare cases where it pays to read the comments.

    USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 is 20Gbps USB.  USB 4 is 40Gbps USB.  USB 4 may or may not support USB 3.2 Gen 2x2.  And, depending on the individual controller chip, it may not support USB at speeds greater than 10Gbps at all, despite the fact that it is USB and supports speeds of 40Gbps.

    If that sounds absurd, well, yes.

  • Python 3.9 is here.  (

    I spend most of my programming hours working in Python and I don't care about this release at all.  On the other hand, the last groundbreaking release of Python took them five years to recover from, so maybe that's good.

  • Unfortunately YouTube fixed my feed and I'm no longer receiving videos from a
    parallel universe.

  • Happened to be online right when the latest SpaceX Starlink launch went up.

    Whoosh!  And then a few minutes later, hsoohw! and the first stage lands dead center on the recovery ship without so much as a bobble.

LexxTube: Videos From a Parallel Universe

I captured about eight pages of this stuff before the interdimensional vortex closed.

Other Linus Eat Your Heart Out Video of the Day

Disclaimer: Don't turn it on, rip and tear it apart.

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Monday, October 05


Daily News Stuff 5 October 2020

Technically Correct Edition

Tech News

  • You can run Doom 3 on an RTX 3090.  (Tom's Hardware)

    Literally in this case, using that 24GB GDDR6X as a RAM disk.

  • An Xbox Series X gameplay preview preview.

    Some people have the Series X already, but no games are available for it yet, so these are all unoptimised Xbox One games running at 4k.  Still looks pretty good.

  • Using Windows kernel timers.  (Random ASCII)

    This is horrible.

    Nim's os.sleep takes a value in milliseconds, but Windows itself doesn't necessarily do what you ask it to.  I'll see what happens.

  • The 2TB Western Digital Blue SN550 now sells in Australia for less than twice the price of the 1TB model.  Before it was around two-and-a-half times.

    Very tempted.  It's not a high-end drive, but will do just fine for now, and when I get a new system in a year or two will make a great data drive.

  • A roundup of new laptops.  (

    I've already mentioned the Lenovo and HP models, but Dell has also announced Tiger Lake updates for the XPS 13.

Doog Video of the Day

I caught a bit of Korone's Assassin's Creed Syndicate livestream over the weekend.  I watched for about an hour while working on other things, then came back a couple of hours later and it was still going.  

Apparently she marathoned the entire game.  (Reddit)

Bonus Doog Video of the Day

In the stream where she was discussing with her followers what games to stream, Doom came up a lot.  She found the cover art, and edited so that her face was on Doom guy and changed the title to Doog.

Very Angry Dog Video of the Day

Disclaimer: Yes, we have no yubi yubi.  We have no yubi yubi today.

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Sunday, October 04


Daily News Stuff 4 October 2020

Prince Albert In A Can Edition

Tech News

  • AMD has a Green Sardine.  (Tom's Hardware)

    This particular colourful fish looks like it's a new APU rather than another GPU.  Zen 3 launches in a few days, and the new Radeon cards later this month, so we'll have the details soon enough.

  • Please don't click on the buttons.

  • NestedText is YAML with the insanity removed.  (NestedText)

    Since that's about 98% of YAML, it makes for a fairly clean and simple spec.  It's only for config files, and everything's a string.

  • Ubuntu 20.10 beta is here.  (Phoronix)

    I've been pretty impressed with the reliability of 20.04 - I've been running it in production since June without anything weird happening.

  • PHP 8 RC1 is here too.  (Phoronix)


How the Mammoth Went Extinct Video of the Day

Killed by a shark.

I skipped over Gawr Gura's debut video and watched her live streaming a game instead.  Now I see the appeal - she's no dummy.

Disclaimer: And therefore do not send to know for whom the PHP 8 RC1 releases; for if you ask too long it might turn out o be you.

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Saturday, October 03


Daily News Stuff 3 October 2020

Guided Tour Of The Pixel Packing Plant Edition

Tech News

Dogs Playing Mario Video of the Day

Bonus Frittering Away the Long Weekend Watching Hololive Video of the Day

Coco seems to be most fluent in English of the main Hololive group, and for some reason she sounds like she's from Georgia - but only when speaking English.

I tuned into Gawr Gura for a bit but she's not nearly as entertaining.

Disclaimer: Today is truth in advertising day.

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Daily News Stuff 2 October 2020

A Wild Long Weekend Appeared

Tech News

  • Need bitmapped fonts in odd sizes, such as 10x10?  Dwarf Fortress.  (Dwarf Fortress Wiki)

    It's not clear what the licensing situation is on these, though some are based on open-source fonts or are otherwise explicitly open source.

    I could also use a 20x20 font for standard-resolution text mode, given that I am using an HP-style analogue antialiasing trick.

  • HP has a new Spectre x360 range out including that dumb configuration we saw before.  (Tom's Hardware)

    The 14 looks nice, with a Tiger Lake CPU, 13.5" 3000x2000 display, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 32GB of Optane for some reason, 

    The 13 has a 4k OLED touchscreen, and only 8GB of RAM.  Why?  Who is this for?

    Apart from some dumb configuration decisions, the systems all have the Four Essential Keys in the One True Arrangement.

  • Talking with Chris Sawyer about Transport Tycoon.  (Life and Times of Games)

    With a brief digression on the subject of the Memotech MTX 500, which could have been the inspiration for the Imagine if I hadn't already been inspired by the Fujitsu FM-7.

    The MTX 500 / 512 is a little-known but remarkably capable British home computer from the early 80s.  It came out in 1983 and though it shipped with a fairly normal 64k of RAM (and 24k of ROM) it was expandable to 768k.

  • A leaked benchmark of the Ryzen 5900X put it at 25% faster than the current 3900X unless it's all fake.  (WCCFTech)

    That's a single-threaded score and would be a combination of IPC and clock speed gains, and it's on the high end of plausibility.

    The multi-threaded score showed only a 15% gain, which is curious.  Not impossible, but curious.

Disclaimer: So are they all, all on the high end of plausibility.

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