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Monday, June 03



Asus presented their new product lineup at Computex today.  This includes:
  • The FonePad Note (as opposed to the NotePad Fone), a 6" 1080p stylusised Atom Android phablet.

  • The Transformer Pad Infinity, the new model in the Transformer range, with the resolution bumped up from 1920x1200 to 2560x1600 and the CPU from a Tegra 3 to a much faster Tegra 4.  So it's similar to the HP SlateBook10x2, but even higher resolution.  Seems to only come with 32GB of storage, which is just adequate rather than good.

  • The Transformer Book Trio, which is - get this - a Haswell-based (Intel's brand-new CPU) Windows 8 notebook with a detachable 1080p touchscreen which contains an Atom processor running Android.  1TB of disk on the Windows side and 64GB of flash on the Android side.

  • The Zenbook Infinity, a nice if fairly conventional 13.3" ultrabook except for the 2560x1440 display, matching the Toshiba Kirabook.  Acer announced one of these as well.
I'll take one of each.  Unless I have to pay for them, in which case I'll take a box of cornflakes.

Meanwhile, Samsung announced some tablets which are indistinguishable from the rather meh tablets they already sell.  Except the Nexus 10, which is really good, but they only make that; they don't sell it; and anyway I already have one.

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