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Sunday, February 05


My Life Is Now Complete

I just learned that there's a .இலங்கை TLD.  I wonder if I can register mee.இலங்கை...

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Saturday, February 04


Some Other Days

Just bought a license for Highcharts to integrate with Minx.  It's slick and polished and reasonably priced and the fine print in the license says:
Allow Highcharts to be used with an unlimited number of SaaS projects, web applications, intranets, and websites for you or your customers.
That's what I like to see - and exactly what Fontspring and prohibit.

So Highcharts gets my money and Fontsploosh do not.

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Overprovisioning, Part 1

I just counted.  When the new systems arrive, I'll have 81TB of (working) raw disk.

20TB of that is currently sitting around because I haven't had time to install it.  21TB has been used for backups (two full sets) because things keep falling over.  24TB has yet to arrive.

Maybe I overdid things just a little.

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Restoring The Global Economy

Nagi (my Windows 7 desktop machine) has been playing up increasingly often of late, and in the past month went from occasional freezes to full-blown BSODs.  I think it's due to one of the drives being on its way out; last weekend I backed up the entire system and took everything off that drive, and it hasn't crashed outright since then, though it did semi-freeze once overnight.  (It was still up and running the next morning, but uninclined to do anything useful.)

I had originally planned to rebuild or replace Nagi on the cheap during my Christmas break, but in the end I didn't get a Christmas break; I ended up working the entire time.  So no time for cheap rebuilds, but I got paid for two weeks I expected not to get paid for, so that money went straight into my toy fund.

And so, let me introduce Shana and Lina, who haven't actually arrived as yet, but have been ordered.  Shana is my new Windows box, replacing Nagi; Lina is my new Linux box, replacing Tanarotte.

Base Config

  • AMD FX 8150 CPU (8 cores, 3.6GHz)
  • Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5 motherboard
  • 32GB (4 x 8GB) G.Skill DDR3-1600 memory
  • 6 x Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 2TB disks (2 in RAID-1, 4 in RAID-5)
  • Pioneer 12x Blu-Ray Writer
  • Corsair AX-850 (Shana) or AX-750 (Lina) power supply

Shana Extras

Lina Extras

  • Sapphire 6770 1GB GDDR5 video card
  • Intel 320-series 300GB SSD

The two systems work out to almost the same price - the SSD is within a couple of bucks of the 7950 video card, but the 6770 is a bit cheaper than the fancy sound card.

So my Windows box goes from a 4-core 2.4GHz CPU to an 8-core 3.6GHz; from 8GB RAM to 32GB; from 1TFLOPS and 1GB of graphics to 3TFLOPS and 3GB; and from 4.5TB of flaky unRAIDed disks to 8TB of hopefully unflaky and definitely RAIDed disk.

Tanarotte is newer than Nagi, so the jump isn't as great, but it's still 4-core 3GHz to 8-core 3.6, 8GB RAM to 32GB, 5TB RAID-5 to 2TB RAID-1 plus 6TB RAID-5 - and another 300GB of SSD - and from motherboard graphics to a 1.36TFLOP 1GB dedicated card.


Oh, and I still have the parts I'd set aside for rebuilding Nagi, so once the two new machines are settled in, I'll go ahead and do that as well.

Yes, this was pretty expensive, but Tanarotte dates to 2009 and Nagi to 2008 - I don't do this all that often.

Interesting point: Either of the new machines is more powerful than Aoi, the server that runs all of and  I'll need to do something about that next.

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