Thursday, August 10



I just worked out how to get my boss to buy me an iPod.

Well, I already have an iPod, but a new iPod. A 60GB video iPod.

And the funny thing is, it's completely legitimate and cheaper than the way we were doing the task previously.

iTunes remains the spawn of Satan, but I like iPods.

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Wednesday, August 09



Okay, burned a Knoppix CD, got home, booted up.

If you find yourself in this situation, get Knoppix. It works.*

The disk is somewhat dead. Not truly and sincerely dead, but not well at all. But I'm backing up my email right now, and if I can get that, most of the other stuff is already backed up.

* Mostly. It hasn't recognised the other four internal drives, three of which form a single 600GB filesystem. But they are intact anyway, judging from the Windows XP recovery function. Just means I have to be verrrry careful when I rebuild the thing.

Update: Okay, all the important email is backed up. If I lose some of my mailing list archives, not a big deal. The personal stuff is all copied. Yay!

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