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Wednesday, October 05



I came in to work this morning to find that one of our payment processing servers had gone little-rubber-feet up over the weekend. A couple of minutes of poking around told me that either the power supply had failed or the motherboard was fried beyond repair. It took five minutes to pull a power supply out of a spare desktop machine and swap it in, and we had a working server again.

Because we use standard ATX power supplies and motherboards for all our systems, we can do that.

I'm off on a trip on Thursday, and I'll be on the train for about 11 hours. The battery life of my notebook is only three or four hours. Fortunately, I'm in the middle of setting up another notebook for one of our managers and I can borrow the battery from it while I'm away.

That only works because the two notebooks are identical models. There are hundreds of different notebook batteries around, exactly two of which will work in mine.

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