What is that?
It's a duck pond.
Why aren't there any ducks?
I don't know. There's never any ducks.
Then how do you know it's a duck pond?

Wednesday, October 15


Bad News

Andrew Orlowski at The Register has a remarkably condescending and ill-informed article about the effect of blogs (and trackbacks in particular) on Google searches.

The problem is that Google ranks pages on the number of links it finds to them, and blogs are highly linked. Moreover, Google isn't bright enough to exclude trackback pages, which contain only capsule - very capsule - summaries of the posts themselves, and are generally useless to anyone not interested in the mechanics of trackbacks themselves. They are quite easily filtered... It's just that Google doesn't.

Of course, Orlowski sees

concerted attacks to undermine [Google's] integrity from link farms and webloggers
but then he's from San Francisco and has probably been infected by whatever it is they suffer from there.

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Wednesday, October 01


Die, Spammers and Vigilantes Alike!


Did I mention that I hate SPEWS? I did? Good.

I also hate spammers. Which I hate more varies from hour to hour, but I'd like to see both groups dragged off in chains to build aqueducts in Albania or something.

I will now resume my usual quiet seething.

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