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Thank you Santa.

Thursday, February 06


I Can't Math, I Have The Dumb

Sooo....  That Wakfu thingy.  Quite a bargain at CAD $40 for 52 episodes  plus various specials dubbed and subbed on Blu-Ray, plus a t-shirt, plus PDF artbooks, plus free worldwide shipping.

I've been hoping they'd give an add-on for extra copies of just the disks, because I'd like to give a couple of copies as gifts.  I think my nephews would love Wakfu, but they wouldn't sit still for it subtitled.

And now they have the add-on: You can one extra set of disks with your order - for an extra $60.

In absolute terms this is still a damn good deal.  I've paid that much (and more) to import individual anime DVDs.  But since I already have a second Kickstarter account* and (assuming I can remember the login details) I can just pledge for another $40 goodie bag, it seems like someone's miscalculated somewhere.

* Everyone needs two Ouyas.

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