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Monday, December 29


They Made A What Out Of What?!

Disney has made a TV series out of Terry Goodkind's Wizard's First Rule, without question the worst book I have ever read.

Even if they have removed all traces of the torture porn (about a third of the book) and the more loathsome actions of the so-called heroes, such as when they cripple and disfigure a young girl, they are left with an insipid fantasy setting, a monumentally stupid story, frankly idiotic political and philosophical themes, and a uniformly unpleasant cast of characters.

They* canceled Journeyman.  They canceled The Dresden Files.  And in their place, we get...  This?

Which reminds me - were there any good new shows in 2008?  I was dead and would have missed them.

* I know it's not the same they.  Journeyman was Fox; The Dresden Files was Sci Fi Channel.  Shut up.  I'm ranting here.

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Monday, December 01


Die, Microsoft, Die

System Restore was using up 100GB of disk on my new system. 

The only indication of this was that there was 100GB of missing space that I couldn't account for - and that after I turned off System Restore, I got it all back.

In Windows XP, you could control the amount of space System Restore would use.  In Vista, it's fixed at 15% of your disk space, and bad luck to you if that's a problem.


Currently copying about a terabyte of data off my old Vista box in preparation for switching over to the new one.  If I get paid this week I'm going to pick up another 1.5TB drive.  Don't absolutely need it, but it will make the migration process a lot easier.

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