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Thursday, October 08



Got it to partition my disks the way I want them without crashing.

Go it to install.

I suppose that asking it to boot is too much?

My other two Linux boxes are running Fedora 8, which is getting on a bit, but which actually works.  This is my first time with Fedora 11, and so far I'm not all that impressed.

I'll try a minimal install with a plain boot partition* and see how that goes.  I can always take a backup and rebuild using a rescue CD if need be.

Update: Okay, that worked.  In fact, it worked very well.  Fedora 11 is fast and clean and the video driver problems that plagued 9 and 10 seem to be all gone.  The weird thing is that it wanted to boot from /dev/sde, which is not at all where I put the boot volume originally.  So let me try that again with RAID.

Update: And this is why I tell people to buy a small NAS...

Update: Working now.  Once I moved the boot volume to sde/sdf it worked fine, so that was a BIOS issue and nothing to do with Fedora.  Currently installing 1.5GB of patches, then I'll install OpenVZ and see where that takes me...

Update: OpenVZ is a no-go.  Fedora 11's new video drivers - which actually work - require a 2.6.29 kernel.  Stable OpenVZ is on 2.6.18; the latest release is on 2.6.27.  Since I want this to be a stable file server / dev & test server, and I want OpenVZ so it can be the same as production, that means I need to go back to CentOS.  So off I go.

Update: So Haruhi will be the new 2008 Server server, and Yurie can be my Linux desktop or whatever.  That can wait for Fedora 12.

* Rather than RAID-1.

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Did I mention that I hate the Fedora disk partitioning tool?

'Cause I do.

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Monday, October 05



Are Fedora ever going to fix that piece-of-shit partitioning tool?

Version 11 of Fedora after 9 major releases of RedHat and it still blows dead goats.

They've fixed it so that it no longer requires you to unselect all the drives you don't want it to create a partition on.  (Yeah, that was lots of fun when you had eight or ten drives to set up.)

Now it just immediately forgets what drive a partition is supposed to be on, and won't let you clone layouts from one drive to another because of that.

And the old favourite, go back and try to edit your layout because it's randomly numbered your partitions yet again and it decides there's no room for your new partition and crashes.

I hate this thing.

Yeah, I know that I could grab a copy of the source tree and submit a patch or fifteen.  But they change it in every release, and in every release something different is broken - or the same thing is broken in new and wonderful ways.  As well as the things that have always been broken.

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