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Thursday, December 23



The City of Sydney has gaily-painted* banners fluttering beside its major thoroughfares this Christmas, bearing messages in many different languages. I could see two different Chinese scripts, one that I thought I recognised as Thai, one in the Cyrillic alphabet, and many others. One I saw was in Spanish**; the first word was Felice; I didn't catch the second since the banner was waving in the wind, but I could see that it wasn't Navidad as one might expect.

Then I found one in English. It reads:

Season's Greetings

Well, quite. And a Pleasant Summer and Cheerful Winter to you as well.

James Lileks has his own observations on the topic.

(It's Felice Fiestas as it turns out. And isn't it Feliz Navidad in Spanish? Are Fiestas of a different gender to Navidads or something? Why are you looking at me like that?)

* Or printed, or however they do it these days.
** I think.

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