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Thursday, March 22


Another Open Letter To Bioware

And specifically to Mark Darrah:
Maybe I should just put a stop to something right now.
We ARE NOT going to:
* Burn DA2 to the ground
* Pretend it doesn't exists
* etc...
I am proud of what DA2 accomplished in several areas. It is certainly not without flaws.
We have things to learn from BOTH Dragon Age games as well as other titles.
Starting your post by telling me to ignore the hard work of over a hundred people is NOT a good way to start a dialogue with me.
Grow up, Mark.  

You just cancelled all future DLC and expansion packs for Dragon Age II, but you still haven't learned your lesson.  Dragon Age II is not a particularly good game.  While it's not awful in itself, it is awful in that it trashes the legacy of one of the best games of all time.  It is not in any sense a sequel to Dragon Age: Origins.

This is real life.  You don't get a reward for showing up.  You don't even get a reward for working hard.  You get a reward for results.

The right thing to do - and the sales figures and the cancelled projects clearly bear this out - is to abandon Dragon Age II completely.  Burn it to the ground, sow the ground with salt, and forget it ever existed.  So a hundred people worked hard on it?  I don't care.  What they produced is no good.

You do have things to learn from both games, but the lessons are very simple:

From Dragon Age: Origins: Do this.
From Dragon Age II: Don't do this.

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