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Friday, May 09


Rationalisation Corner

So, who am I hurting when I download episodes of Futurama off the net?

Not the local broadcast networks, because they took it off the air after showing only four episodes (picked, as far as I can tell, at random).

Not the cable networks, because of the two available, one isn't in my street and the other won't connect me because I live in a townhouse. This despite the fact that it is already wired for their service and there are only two free-standing houses in the entire street. Bastards.

Not the DVD sales. I've already bought all the Futurama DVDs available locally. Maybe I could buy more from America, but wait! They're region coded so I can't play them!

Which leaves... Actually, it doesn't leave anybody. Except hypothetical future distributors. And I'll start caring about them when they finally get their butts into gear and become actual present distributors.

Mind you, the picture quality of the episodes I've downloaded so far has ranged from bad to terrible. (Anyone doing this stuff should take a look at some of the Anime available for download - the picture quality is far better.)

I would gladly pay to download these episodes from the source - though the quality would have to be better. Look! Money to be made! Over heeere!

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