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Wednesday, August 15


A Nation, Friendzoned

FFVII is out (again) on PC.  I've never played it, and apparently some people like it, so I tried to buy it.

Emphasis on tried.

I can't buy it from the US store, because that only covers the US.  And Canada.  And Mexico, and the rest of North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean and associated bits.

So I check their global site, and it directs me to the European site.  So  I go there, and it lets me register (yay) then I hunt down the page to buy the damn thing, and it tells me to fuck off.

It is refreshing in a sense, this constant reminder that no-one - not Amazon, not Steam, not EA or Squenix - has the faintest clue what they're doing.  It's comforting to know that everyone else is as bewildered as I am.  It would be more comforting still if they showed any sign of recognising this fact.

Can't buy the middle volumes of Kage Baker's Company series anywhere, even though they're all online in ebook form from a single publisher.  Can't buy Sims 3 expansions on Steam any more.  (Or Dragon Age II, but that counts as a win.)  Can't buy Final Fantasy VII, a game that is older now than I was when it came out.*  The line of people refusing to take my money has no end.  

Update: Squenix got back to me and confirmed that they are aware of the problem and will have a solution in the next couple of weeks.  Which doesn't get me my Final Fantasy fix right now, but is actual human customer service.
* Well....  No.  Though this is true of the first two Final Fantasy games.

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