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Wednesday, February 11



I'm having enormous difficulties trying to restore files I previously backed up onto DVD-R. A majority of the disks I've tried so far simply won't read; others will read after they've been put in the drive, failed, removed, inspected, wiped free of tiny dust particles, put back in the drive... Three or four times.

All the disks were written - and verified - just a few months ago.

As an added bonus, when you insert a disk that Windows XP doesn't like, it pretty much chokes. Your applications, and sometimes even the mouse pointer, freeze.

Now, either these disks have a lifetime measured in weeks, or this new DVD-ROM drive isn't too great... Or it's Windows stuffing me around. Again.

I should have a DVD/CD-RW combo drive and my DVD writer available to try these disks in, but I don't. Because, you see, my 3-Ware RAID card wouldn't fit in my Lian Li case, and Linux doesn't recognise the extra IDE channels on my Gigabyte 7N400Pro2 so I had to use a PCI IDE card, which only allows me a total of 8 drives (4 from the motherboard, 4 from the card), so I couldn't put my 9 120GB drives in and had to use the 200GB SATA drive which I'd planned to put in my Windows box in the Linux box instead, and put my old 80GB IDE drive and the two left-over 120GB drives in the Windows box, which only leaves me with one IDE channel left instead of all four the way I had originally planned, and if I install the PCI IDE controller I bought to fix that the machine no longer boots at all.

In other news, my Windows machine doesn't like one of those 120GB drives. Or maybe it does. No, bad. No, perfectly fine. Bad. Fine. Can't read. Can't CHKDSK. Can't format. No errors found. Aaarrgh!

I bet if I installed it in a Linux box I'd see no errors whatsoever. Of course, my Linux box is full, so I can't do that.

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Friday, February 06


These People Give Twats A Bad Name

LeaAnn righteously shreds some moron calling himself "James Joyce" over at Kuro5hin - pronounced "corrosion", it's a like politicised version of Slashdot, and the politics range the whole spectrum from centre-left to Democratic Underground lunacy. The Commissar also has something to say about the matter.

Meanwhile, showing the same careless disregard for fact that got it into trouble so recently, the BBC is blaming the MyDoom virus on Linux users. Slashdot readers respectfully suggest that reporter Stephen Evans pull his head out of his arse.

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