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Saturday, August 30


Die, Firefox, Die!

My notebook just updated to Firefox 3.

The "awesome bar" is as craptacular as ever.  Maybe more so.  I hate it with the fury of a thousand suns.

It learns, yes.  After a week, two a the most, it is useful.  And installing the Oldbar plugin at least makes it not ugly as well as stupid.

But the default settings are retarded.

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I forgot Pixy's First Rule of PC Hardware Upgrades:


Three hours into a 10-minute upgrade, you'd be happy if you could even get back to where you started.  Which I have, more or less.  Don't think any permanent damage was done...

I may have a DVI-eating nanovirus, though.

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Wednesday, August 27


Dear Vista Slideshow Team

Die in a fire.

Because maybe, once you're dead, you'll leave my fucking display resolution alone, huh?*

And not take two minutes to start a simple slideshow.  On a 2.6GHz dual-core computer.

Oh, and Vista audio team?  You can join them.  You manage to do a worse job than Windows Me, despite having approximately 15 times the memory and processing power to hand.

* In the usual spectacularly retarded Microsoft fashion, there's a fix to stop Windows doing something it should never bloody well do in the first place.  The fix is: Edit a secret value in the registry.  Yes, the thing that Microsoft tells you never ever ever to touch.

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