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See that post below?  Strike  that.  Reverse it.

Fontspring?  Lovely site, beautifully organised.  You can get nice, reasonably-priced bundles of fonts for both desktop and web use for "Unlimited Web Sites".

But the fine print says that you can only use the fonts on sites under your direct control, so I can't license them and offer them to mee.nu users.

Fonts.com?  Not sure about the restrictions, but I checked the numbers again and realised that if a site like Ace of Spades were to use typography features licensed through Fonts.com, it would cost me $200 a month just for fonts, just for that one blog.*

So...   Eeeeeh.   Does Not Suck awards revoked.  Both sites provide good, useful, reasonably priced services - just not ones I can make any direct use of.

Instead I'll mention Google Web Fonts, now up to 436 freely available fonts which I have conveniently integrated into the upcoming revision of the editor.**

The range of fonts isn't as broad, and the quality isn't as consistent (though some are quite good), but it doesn't tie my hands and prevent me from using it through licensing restrictions or simple cost.

And you can download the entire collection if you want.  You'll need a Mercurial client like TortoiseHG, but if you're a programmer you should be using Mercurial anyway.****

* Admittedly, it's my single busiest site by a good margin, but...
** Well, I bought the editor, and it already had Google Web Font support.***
*** Well, I got the editor for free, but...
**** Git boo.

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