Thursday, June 07


Grr. Argh.

It's been a very tiring and frustrating week, for reasons I'm not going into right now, but which started with the bandwidth and server problems I mentioned earlier.

This is just the latest example of the herds of bleating nuisancery that flock to my inbox every day:
Effective immediately, .NU Domain has modified its policies and now permits the registration of .nu domain names using only one or two characters, including numeric characters - such as, or - under our new Premium Names Service.
Hey, nice example there, given that I registered it in 1997.
The cost to register a two-character .nu Premium Name is 250 EURO (2 500 SEK) per year.
Crapsprockets.  It was 60 Euros for two years.  And yes, they've upped the renewal fee for existing domains.

Fortunately I'm already paid through to November 2011.

Update: The president of the .nu registry just apologised for that.  Seems like a nice guy, apart from the bit where he increased my renewal fees by 700%...

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