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Monday, June 29


I've Got WTF News, And I've Got Burned Too Many Times News

The other serverâ„¢ blew up again.  I was meaning to transfer the two remaining sites on that server to the new system over the weekend, but I ended up having to work Friday night and Saturday, and then I was too tired to focus on server stuff and watched Gurren Lagann instead.

So, naturally, it died the very next day.

That's the WTF part.

On the burned too many times side of things, however, I have a full backup from an hour before the server died.

In fact, I have two full backups from an hour before the server died.  Plus a full backup from the previous day, and another from the day before that, and one from last week, and from the previous week, and...  Yeah.  Burned too many times.

Update: Drive failure.  That makes two in what, three months?  In a server that only has two drives in the first place.

They're 500GB Western Digital drives.  I don't have any 500GB WD drives...   Oh, wait, I do have one, and it sucks, but that's the external enclosure, not the drive itself.  But I have, um, 14 other Western Digital drives in use at home (is that a lot?) bought over the last three years, and not one of them has failed.  So...  Bad batch?  Insufficient airflow?  Cosmic rays?  Evil leprechauns?  Karma?  Or just the hard drive destruction bunny spreading the joy around?  I dunno.

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