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Thursday, March 24


My Theory

Is that Microsoft outsourced the job of writing progress indicators to a trained hamster.

Which died in 1982.

And has yet to be replaced.

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Tuesday, March 22


Dear User Interface (And Other) Developers

When you change the user interface, unless it was obviously broken before, 90% of the time 90% of your users will hate the new version.  It doesn't matter if you think the new way is right.  Your users will hate it.

Since you collectively seem to have all the user experience intuition of a dead possum, you should always always always provide an option to revert to the previous behaviour, even if - no, especially if - you think the previous behaviour was buggy, broken, politically incorrect and caused rats in laboratory cancer.*

Since the Minx user interface is entirely driven by the Minx templates, and completely user-configurable, I can't break it without breaking Minx itself, so I'm relatively safe from this disease.  But only relatively safe.

* Today I'm ranting about the "switch to tab" idiocy in Firefox 4, but it's always the same:

Devs: Look at our great new feature!
Users: We looked at it and we don't like it.  How do we turn it off?
Devs: You can't.  You should love this feature.  All of us love this feature.  What's wrong with you that you don't love this feature?
Users: You suck. 
User X: Here's a patch that turns it off!
Users: Thank you user X!
Devs: Why would anyone want to turn this feature off?  It's a great feature.  We all love this feature.  Oh, and anyone know why our market share is in free fall?

This problem is hardly limited to the Firefox developers, of course, or even UI developers, as witness the great swappiness=0 debate. Though I guess that was an inversion of the trope, with the users jumping with glee on a feature the developer thought was a bad idea.

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Monday, March 21


Curse You Daylight Savings Time!

I missed my daily Billy action. sad

On my alt, anyway.

My other alt.

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Thursday, March 10


Patria Non Grata

Is that even correct?

Anyway, if you're trying to read this from Turkey, that's probably not working out too well.

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