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Saturday, January 14


Reality Check

My regular readers can skip this one, because they will be able to predict its contents exactly based on the previous two posts.

I do not have 24 Mbps ADSL2+.
I do not have 12 Mbps ADSL2.
I do not, in fact, have ADSL at all.
I do not even have a dial tone, which is the one thing I had achieved.

All phone companies suck. Without exception.

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Thursday, January 05


Norton Internet Security Must Die

Die die die!

If you have a Netcomm NB3 ADSL modem, and you have Norton Internet Security installed, you will not be able to configure the modem. Neither the automatic configuration program, nor the manual configuration through your browser will work.

I actually had to get the customer to telnet into modem - fortunately, they were reasonably cluey - before Norton revealed its evil presence and I twigged as to what was going on.

This was, of course, after we sent them a replacement modem.

Die die die! Die Norton die!

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