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Sunday, March 22


DIMM, I'm A Registered DIMM

And I dance dance dance, and I dance dance dance...

Okay, what's Pixy going on about now?

This puppy.

No, I'm not planning to buy one.  But in the details, you'll find that it's a single processor Nehalem workstation board, and supports both unbuffered and registered memory.

And what that means is that Akane and Mikan won't be limited to 12GB of memory, but will be able to reach at least 24GB and probably 36GB.

More on that in a moment.

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Friday, March 20


Delicious Meltiness

Both Order of the Stick and Erfworld are busy delivering crowning moments of awesome at the moment.  Unfortunately, that means that the GiantITP server has gone all melty.

Once you do get through, though, you'll find It's worth the wait.

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Wednesday, March 04


A Mac That Doesn't Suck?

Note:  This isn't a Mac vs. PC rant, so much as a lament that Apple have an operating system that almost perfectly fits my needs, but runs on hardware that doesn't remotely.

New Mac range out - new Mini, new iMac, new Pro.

Mini - Finally has halfway decent graphics - Nvidia 9400M, but no dedicated video memory.  On the other hand, main memory is DDR3, so there's plenty of bandwidth, more than the CPU itself can use.  On the third hand, that means that the memory is twice as expensive as DDR2 would be.  On the fourth hand, six months ago it would have been more like four times, so maybe the time has come.

Base model is $1049 in Australia, better model $1399 for a dual-core, 2GB/320GB config, which is more than I paid for my new PC - which was a quad-core, 8GB/1.5TB system* (with a very nice and rather expensive Lian-li case and Corsair power supply).  But MacOS + iLife is a huge improvement over Vista and, well, the whole lot of nothing that comes with Vista.  iWork is a $99 add-on, which makes it cheaper than even the home edition of Office.  Overpriced hardware, but great software makes it a qualified win.

iMac - I don't want, nor do I have room for, a monitor that is permanently affixed to an unmodifiable and underpowered hardware platform.  Fail.

Pro - Nehalem Xeons, yay!  Starting price of $4,499 for a single-CPU machine, more than the old dual-CPU system, boo.  I don't think so, Apple peeps.  Also, if the specs are correct, the single-CPU system has only four memory slots, and the dual-CPU system eight - on systems with three and six memory channels, respectively.  That's something you only see on the budget range PC Nehalem motherboards, and the Mac Pro is anything but a budget item.  Fail.

But one out of three ain't bad; I might finally be picking up a Mini.  Uh-oh.  Naming time...

Update: Mac Mini?  Has to be Taiga.

* And is now a quad-core, 8GB/4.5TB system with a 1GB Radeon 4850.  Oh, and three DVD burners.

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