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Sunday, November 28



I landed the elusive Adversary Cycle today.

This is the framing story of the very popular Repairman Jack series.  The Adversary Cycle itself, though, has been out of print (with the exception of The Keep) for something like twenty years.

I stopped by Galaxy Bookshop on my way home from TAM Oz (I left early on the last day because I was finding that 16-hour convention days don't really mix well with staying up 'til 3AM for work), and spotted it in the window - last set of the 6 volume limited edition, #888 of 1000, marked down from $530 to $200.  So I said, do I have $200?  And as it happened I did have $200.  So I bought it.

Also the latest Repairman Jack book.

There is also - and this is something to be rejoiced - a new Miles Vorkosigan book out.  I'll have to go back for that.

(Looks at price on Amazon.  Looks at price locally.  Looks at shipping costs to Australia from Amazon US.  Weeps.)

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Tuesday, November 09



Being Erica = Tru Calling x That Girl

Only where Tru Calling went horribly off the rails when they decided to thicken the plot, so far* Being Erica keeps improving.

Hey, I take my (spoiler) stories where I can get them.**

* So far as I've watched; I'm a full season behind.
** Even when the spoiler is really just a spoiler for spoiler, as in the
two recent BBC series spoiler on spoiler and spoiler to spoiler.  In this case, you might take the spoiler parts as a spoiler for different spoiler, but spoiler spoilers spoiler that spoiler.

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